DIY: How to Make a Living Succulent Tree

Do you remember when we shared our DIY: Simple & Stunning Succulent Wreath? That is one of Prudent Baby’s most-loved posts, and among my top five favorite tutorials I’ve written. This year Jacinda and I decided to use the same principals to create a living succulent tree, perfect for holiday decor, that will continue to live all year long. Check out how to make a living succulent tree in this quick & fun DIY video. If you like it, subscribe to our channel!



Leigh Anne

Super awesome! I have been really wanting to add some succulents to my decor and this tree is perfect. Gotta gather the supplies, but you guys make it look soooo easy 🙂 Thx Prudent Ladies!


I absolutely love this idea and the short and sweet video! Great job and fantastic looking succulent trees!


Great video! I would like to make a table runners using succulents and moss for my wedding reception. Do you have any tips or instructions on how to do this? I’d like to make them myself but I don’t have much experience with floral arrangements…Help!! : )


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