DIY Lazy Days Skirt

The Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt is the subject of this latest installment in our series where we give other folks’ DIYs a try. The verdict: Do it!  I enjoyed making one for Scarlet so much, I had to sew one for Clare too!  The free pattern from Oliver + S was so simple to follow; you can download it here. I can’t wait to try the more complicated Play Date Dress next time.

Materials included the last of the Joel Dewberry Tossed Flowers (Ginseng Collection) fabric in Raspberry and Camel leftover from the fabric alphabet project, some 3/4″ elastic, and some generic grosgrain ribbon.  The whole skirt cost less then $3 to make!

Don’t forget to send us a picture if you give it a try, and let us know what you think of the pattern in the comments!




This is so so cute! I wish Clare had one. Oh what, she does? Oh it's sitting in a window in Jaime's house being artfully photographed? Perhaps we should print out a picture of it and tape it to her diaper.


Hiya – I made this for my very very active 3 year old and she loves it. Next time I make it I'll use a fabric strip, or bias tape, rather than ribbon because all her sliding around has made the ribbon fluff up a lot.


I just finished making one of these for my 3 year old- she loves it. It is the first piece of clothing I have made for her and definitely not the last. I also made a mini version for my little 3 month old niece..too cute!


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