DIY Legwarmers Part 3-Tube Socks!

Stevee’s legwarmers (and Jaime’s) reminded me that I had these fun socks hiding out in my drawer. Now Quinn is pulling off the tube-sock look much better than I ever did. I saw some pretty sweet tube socks for $1.50 in Walmart. There was a wall of them (all the same, orange and citron stripes) in ladies socks. Walmart is weird. I do love that you can buy bias tape and bananas and tube socks while getting an oil change. I think tube socks would be an excellent choice for boy legwarmers.

PS. Since I knew you style mavens will ask, those adorable shoes are from Umi.




those tube socks are so cute. i'm like 90% sure i got Q those shoes and i'm kind of jealous of them. they would look really cute with my current outfit.


LOVE the tube socks! I have also jumped on the legwarmer bandwagon and made Juliette like 4 pair….she has been sporting mommy-made babylegs all week! And at a $9 savings per pair, you can't beat them!! đŸ™‚


I have to laugh – the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous pixie shoes, and wondered where they were from – now all I have to do is work out how to get them in Australia!


I made some leg warmers for my two-year-old son when he broke his leg last summer. His cast went up to his thigh, and I wanted to put something on his bare leg so that it wouldn't get scratched by the cast while he was sleeping. I found the socks on clearance at Target and was able to make four for $5.


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