DIY Lullabies

I wanted to share this with you before Valentines Day but I didn’t quite pull it together.  But love songs and lullabies don’t require holidays, right?  So I present to you this little Prudent Baby lullaby kit, including downloadable playlist and free label templates to make your own CDs.  First up is this playlist of sweet & sleepy indie love songs.  You can listen to snippets of them in this widget, and if you like, you can download them through it.  I had to take the Beatles out because they don’t sell MP3s and I couldn’t include mock-Beatles, I just couldn’t do it.  
Next are the free downloadable CD label templates. They feature a couple lines from the songs on the album and print on standard CD labels you can get anywhere, Avery 8692 (Available Here) if you want to get specific. If you like this idea, I’ll follow up soon with a kit for Dance Attack.  
Get the Kids Lullabies CD labels after the jump…
Baby Lullabies Free Downloadable CD Labels

Here is a jpeg of what they will look like when printed on the labels:

And you can download them here:
I hope you and your little ones enjoy!



Toni Turbeville

Okay. Am I dunce or what? I've clicked on every link in this post and can't get a widget or playlist to load… I was just curious what songs you included. Great idea!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


oh no toni, that's so weird? well, there is a post a few days back, i think on 2/13, the link on "valentine's day" at the beginning of this post will take you there, and that has the playlist. i wonder why the widget isn't working for you, i'm sad because you can hear snippets of the songs in it!!

Toni Turbeville

Found the list on the V-Day post. Know most all of the songs and love them! My little one will definitely be getting one of these cute CDs soon. Thank you again, Jaime!


Love this playlist! Thanks for sharing, these will definitly make it into our rotation. Since you can never get enough of a good thing, I'll share a few of our favorites:
We're Going to Be Friends, Jack Johnson
Such Great Heights, Iron & Wine
Oh, Dave Matthews
Noah's Ark, Coco Rosie
It's All Right To Cry, Darius Rucker
The Rainbow Connection, Sarah McLachlan
La La La La Lemon, Barenaked Ladies
Love VIgilantes, Iron & Wine
Like Castanets, Bishop Allen
Breakable, Ingrid Michaelson
Rivers of Babylon, Sublime
Take on Me, Graziella Schazad
Dry Grass & Shadows, Alela Diane
Extraordinary Machine, Fiona Apple
I realize I'm a little late for Valentine's…Christmas perhaps?


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