DIY Mama’s Checkbook Cover

Checkbooks are ugly. I see the necessity of carrying a checkbook as an excuse to have something pretty peeking out of your bag.

Get the DIY Mama’s Checkbook Cover how-to after the jump (totally easy)…

DIY Mama’s Checkbook Cover

1.  Measure and cut your fabric.  You can use up to four different fabrics for all the pieces:
Outside (7.5″X8.5″)
Inside (7.5″X8.5″)
Two Pockets (3.5″X7.5″ each)

I made the outside and the pockets using Alexander Henry Canyon Flutter in Pink 
and the inside using Paula Prass Summer Soiree Chevron in Black

2. Take a smaller pocket piece and fold the long edge over a tiny bit – 1/8″ or so, and iron, then again and iron, then edge stitch.  Repeat on the other pocket piece.

3.  Lay your outside piece right side up so you can see your pattern.  On top of it lay each of your pocket pieces right side down along the 7.5″ edges with the seams you just made facing towards the middle.  Lay your lining piece on top right side down so you have a nice sandwich:
4. Pin this and sew it all the way around with a 1/2″ inseam:
5.  Slice a hole in the lining fabric (not all the way through) a couple inches long an inch or so below the seam:

6.  Finish your edges or cut them with pinking shears and clip the corners:

7.  Turn it inside out.  You’re done πŸ™‚

This is a simple and easy craft but it’s a little floppy.  I want to make a ton for christmas gifts but I will use a lightweight interfacing next time to give it more shape.  I’ll try to whip one up this weekend to show you how.  Also, adding buttons or snaps or rick rack would be cute ways to embellish.  Make one and send us a picture!




Great tute — does the hole need fray check? I want to make one of there πŸ™‚

Cheryl M. Duchnowski

Can you show more pictures of the “hole” in the lining as you are turning inside out?


Hi Cheryl- unfortunately since this post is a few years old, I don’t have any more info. I will make a note that it would be a good one to redo with more detail in that area. Thanks! Jacinda


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