DIY (non)Vintage Lace Bowls Part 2

Just because we live in different states (oh how I miss you Jaime) doesn’t mean we can’t get our craft-nerd on together. So this week, I made some doilie bowls too. As an experiment, I used All-purpose Elmer’s Glue instead of the Fabric Stiffener. My husband, Rick, says it’s not an experiment because something about having a “control”, blah, blah. Whatever dude, this isn’t NASA.

So basically, the glue worked well, especially for the small bowl. Very stiff. The large bowl is a little floppy, like a straw hat. Definitely fine as a decoration but I wouldn’t fill it with anything and probably wouldn’t gift it. It may have been the glue but it could have also been the large size and thinness/airiness  of the doilie to begin with. Or perhaps it was that I couldn’t stop messing with it. Seriously, they need to dry overnight or even 24 hours. Just leave it alone.

My doilies were from Jo-Ann Fabric.


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