DIY Oil Cloth Bath Seat

Does your back hurt? Mine does. All the time. Bending over the bathtub doesn’t help. I found this stool at a thrift store for and recovered it with this gorgeous Heather Bailey Nicey Jane oil cloth so now I can sit comfortably (yet water-resistantly) by the bath!

Visit our Refurbished Footstool DIY for the full tutorial (it’s a super easy beginner project) and get thee to a thrift store! Your back will thank you.  And if you have any other back or hip-saving tips, please share them with me, I beg you.




The stool is gorgeous. The oilcloth is brilliant, my favorite color of that pattern. But can we talk about that amazing bathtub? What I would do for that bathtub!


Ah – I have been wanting a bathtub like that for so long!
My best back saving tip is to have gardens in raised beds – you can weed and garden sitting down!


right? when i saw the bathtub i was like, hi, this is my house i don't care what it costs. but just FYI it took some serious camera-positioning skills to hide the mound of toys both inside and under the tub for this pic


What a nice idea.

About the back – I recently heard about Esther Gokhale's work (you can watch her lecture to Google staff on the net), and bought her book.

I found, working with it, that slight changes in posture (standing, sitting, lying down) can make a huge difference.

It's a good opportunity to tell you that I just love your blog and find many useful ideas in it.

Wishing You Well –


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