DIY "Pillowcase" Dress – Part 2: with Bias Tape

I had a few hours yesterday (I know, lucky, right?) so I made Miss Quinn a quick little dress using Jaime’s “Pillowcase” Dress tutorial. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long! It was so fast and fun and I love the finished frock!

I made a few tweaks. Read on to get the scoop on my DIY “Pillowcase” Dress.
I only had 1/2 yard of this adorable Kokka Jolis Copains Owls Blue so my dimensions were 20″ wide by 16″ tall and my neck width was 10″. This fit Quinn (14 months) as a short dress and Clare (3T) as a long top.  To maximize the length of my dress, I finished the bottom with 1/2″ double-fold bias tape that I made from Joel Dewberry Flower Fields Lake with my new bias tape maker from Simplicity. If you need a refresher on making bias tape, see Jaime’s excellent Bias Tape Tutorial. I used the same bias tape as my tie at the top.

Clare was very sad that I made Quinn a an owl dress, I need to grab more of this fabric before it’s gone!

I love how the patterned bias tape gives it an unmistakable handmade look. If you haven’t tried The “Pillowcase” Dress Tutorial or if you’re a little afraid to make your first dress, try this! It’s awesome!




I made one for my dd a week ago…but it was too small, lol.

Where you put 'click here' to get the scoop on my pillowcase dress…..I can't click anywhere. 🙂



I've been making these for months using Jaime's pattern…so easy and quick and so adorable!! I love that owl print, I have been looking for just the right owls to make bibs and burp cloths from for a baby gift and that one just might fit the bill!


the colors on this dress are so amazing, i want that joel dewberry it's gorgeous! i love using bias tape to not lose the length, i cant believe you got a whole dress out of the half yard with the fabric positioned the same direction on both sides!

PS That first picture made my heart skip a beat…that gorgeous new dress and white carpet and Quinn holding a RED PEN!!


aww this is so cute.
i do keep going back and looking at that pattern
but i don't like using bias tape.
i dont know why i find it so confusing.
especially in arm holes


RED PEN! HA! We like to live dangerously here at Chateau Boneau. I must confess that I tried to swap it for a color that coordinated with my photo and she screamed!!!

Dakota! Don't fear the Bias Tape. Bias Tape is your friend!


Your girls are gorgeous! They are going to be little heartbreakers when they grown up!

Can't wait to give this dress a try! Thanks!


so flippin' adorable! this is the problem…when i see things like this, i am SURE i need to learn to sew!! 🙂

Kristi B

Love your blog! Borrowed an image from this tutorial to give you ladies a shout out on my latest post! Keep up the awesome work!

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life

Very cute. I've been wanting to try making a pillowcase dress for my littlest one for the longest time, but she's just now starting to take her 1st steps. Hopefully she'll be walking more soon and ready for a dress (because dresses and crawling make for a lot of frustration.)

Shorty momma

Shorten the length of the dress so it doesn’t go past her knees in front and shr could still crawl in it. 😉


I love this pattern but before actualy sewing it I was wondering if head goes smoothly through the armpits of the dress! thank you! 🙂


I’m trying to find the tutorial for the pillowcase dress and none of the links are bringing me to the tutorial. Has it been removed? When I click on it, it takes me to the page for Scarlet’s school wardrobe but no tutorial. 🙁

Charlene Bechard

I keep clicking on the “Click here to get the scoop on my DIY pillowcase” but it just keeps bringing me back to this page? Please help. I can do the original dress but I really want to do it with the bias. I think I know how but would really like to see your page please. Thank you

Mia Belle

This article is SO relateable! Based on reading it, I’m sure you’d love some Mommy & Me boutique clothes from Mia Belle Girls


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