DIY Projects That You Will Actually Use

DIY gifts from Prudent Baby

Over the years we have created many DIY projects for Prudent Baby and one the perks is that we get to hang on to all this crafty goodness that we make.  However, not all DIY samples are created equal, there are some projects that rise above the rest and make it into use in our daily lives. Pretty little handmade things (and lessons in how to make them) that we also can’t imagine life without. Here are our favorites…

DIY Travel Changing Pad

Mod Podge Vase

How to Ice a Cake

Pretty Potolder

DIY gifts from Prudent Baby

How To Can Tomatoes Without A Canner

DIY Napmat/Bed Roll

Oilcloth Tote Tutorial

How to Make a Wristlet Key Fob

Have you tried any of these projects? Have we forgotten your favorite useful Prudent Baby DIY project? Let us know!



Lynn B

One of my fav prudent tutorials is the changing pad cover, but that one is very useful to me with three kiddos!


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