DIY Pyramid Wristlet Purse

There are times when I open my closet and become completely overwhelmed by the Mount Everest of purses forming. Then, there are times when I spot a tutorial like this Pyramid Wristlet Purse from A Splendid Assemblage and I think to myself, a girl can never have too many bags. So I close the closet door, grab my metallic leather, and start to sew.

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Get the tutorial for this must-have DIY Pyramid Wristlet Purse after the jump…

DIY Pyramid Wristlet Purse

At a party, you really don’t want to be carrying a large handbag that makes it difficult to dance or has you worrying about keeping an eye on it when you leave it aside. That is why I love wristlets! Spacious enough to carry your necessities and small enough to keep it around your wrist at all times.

My friend Kostas over at Milloo handbags was kind enough to put together this Pyramid Wrist Bag tutorial so we can all make our own little party wristlets.

This wristlet measures approx 18cm/7” so adjust your leather size accordingly if you want a smaller or larger version.

You will need:

– a sewing machine (it doesn’t have to be a professional one as in the pictures)
– metallic leather fabric (you can use any leather you prefer but do opt for an animal friendly version if possible)
– a zipper measuring approx. 13cm/5″ long
– metallic clasp and rings/links for the strap
– scissors
– tailor’s chalk or a fabric pen
– pen and paper

Kostas used a thick faux leather fabric to make a more rigid structure so that the bag will keep its shape even if it is empty. You can use a lighter weight cotton fabric or any other fabric you like. In such a case remember to use fabric interface.

Start by creating the template for the wristlet by drawing four equilateral triangles (three for the sides and one for the bottom of the wristlet) on your paper and cut them out using your scissors. On two of them you will cut the zipper opening as you can see in the picture below. The opening must be exactly as long as the zipper that you will use.

Position the shapes on your leather, trace them with your tailor’s chalk and cut them out using your scissors.

Now, lets sew it up.

Begin by sewing the edges of the two triangles that are meant for the zipper. Remember to double check that the opening measures as long as the zipper.

Sew the zipper on the opening.

Continue by sewing the third triangle onto the piece.

Sew the sides together so that you create the pyramid shape. Stop the last seam 1cm from the edge creating a small hole.

Measure the opening of your metallic ring and cut a piece of leather of that size and about 1-1,5cm long. Position the ring halfway the piece of leather and then sew it in the small hole we created.

Undo the zipper so that you can turn the fabric inside out and sew the bottom part onto the piece.

Continue by making the handle strap. The size of your clasp ring will determine the width of the fabric that you will cut for this step.

The one in the photos is 1,6cm wide so Kostas cut a 4cm wide and 42cm long piece of leather.
The width must be approx. double the width of your clasp link plus a little bit extra for seam allowance. The length is totally up to your preference.

Fold the strap fabric in two to create the handle and sew along the edges.

Put the strap through the clasp’s ring, fold it in two and sew near its edge.

Attach the clasp on the link on top of your pyramid and you are done!

Enjoy your new Pyramid Wristlet and have a Fabulous New Year!

* This tutorial is for personal use only. Use it for yourself or to make presents for your friends but do not use it for commercial use.*




I love this tutorial! Where do you buy your leather? I have always wanted to work with leather, but I don’t know where to purchase it.

Anthony N.

Hi Anna-

I’m not sure where Colleen got her leather from, but our store Leather Hide Store is one of the few that caters to small DIY projects from selling a wide selection of smaller leather remnants.

Hope this comment doesn’t seem to promotional. Just trying to help you out.

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