DIY Ribbon Wreath

Today we have a Ribbon Wreath tutorial generously sponsored by Harts Fabric. See all of the Ribbon Week projects here.

This one is fun because you can get the kids involved but still have an elegant wreath to proudly display for all to see. Read on for the steps of this crazy simple projects.

Gather ye supplies. You’ll need a wreath form (foam or straw will do, head pins, about 25 yards of ribbon, and optional accents like feathers, flowers, suede cord etc. I used a combination of satin and organza ribbon in tones of peach, hot pink, brown, bronze and cream. There is some glittery organza in there, which adds a nice touch.

I started with a layer of cream organza. Initially I was going to let some of the straw show through this layer of sheer ribbon for a “birds nest” look but we scrapped that idea when it just looked a little unfinished. It’s still a good idea to do a base of ribbon to hold in all the straw and organza hugged the curves really well.

When you are finished wrapping, pin end in place.

Now is the fun part. Just start wrapping your ribbon. Pin an end in the back and cover the whole wreath in any color combo you like. I love the way this sparkly organza looked.

For an accent I added this feather i found in my yard. Just kidding, it’s from the craft store.
Just keep wrapping. wrapping wrapping.

Wrap a portion of the feather to the wreath so that it sits at the desired angle.

Pin some tassels of ribbon under a layer of wrapped ribbon to hang down. Maybe braid a few pieces.

Hang your masterpiece from a piece of ribbon or cord. Fun! Easy! Spring-y!





OMG Harts is THE BEST. I am lucky (or unlucky, if you ask my bank account) enough to be able to visit their retail store every so often . . . . Sigh. TOO MUCH PRETTY. Bonus: really fabulous and helpful customer service. It might sound silly but I’m a complete sewing novice, but I never feel intimidated in their retail store when I ask what I’m sure are pretty stupid, novice questions. I heart Harts. Just had to share the love.


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