DIY scarf for mommy

A pretty scarf is a perfect addition to a no-fuss mommy look. I know that my wardrobe of black/gray tunic/legging combos could use a splash of cozy color. Next up… ditching the pregnancy granny panties and combing my hair. One step at a time.

I just made this seriously easy scarf today. Quinn likes it. It may also be just enough trendy flannel so that I don’t end up looking like a lumberjack this Fall.
Get the full DIY here

What do you do to not look like you just rolled out of bed? No, really, help me.




omg you look fantastic! and quinn is your tiny twin. so cute. i want a scarf but all of a sudden it's 90 degrees again


Fantastic! As a mom to a 2 year old and a 3 month old I am envious of how great you look. May I ask where you got your tunic? I feel the call of the leggings…


Ahhhh. The sweet leggings and tunic. So comfy and easy and just stylish enough. I got the tunic as a hand-me-down from Jaime after she skinnyfied post Scarlet, but it's originally from Forever 21. Thanks again Jaime for the postpartum wardrobe. You're the best friend and blog-partner a girl could have.


first of all, ditto. second of all, how much do you love that forever 21 tunic? i wore it for like a year after she was born. forever 21 is the best place for maternity clothes…so cheap and alterable too. but i happened to be lucky enough to be pregnant when empire waist was all the rage. now its all skinny jeans and rompers, not fair

Desiree Fawn

You both look fantastic ^_^ No worries!
I have an almost 9 month old & I always looks pretty mussed and under slept — comes with the territory ^_^

Chelsea Strong

I've become a champ at perfecting the "cute hot mess" look. The messy, piecey bun, leftover mascara (hello smokey eyes). My hair is a similar dirty blonde, and being 7mo pregs, I'm definitely a fan of leggings, so I feel like I'm looking at myself in these pictures. Along wth scarves, I like funky necklaces, and jackets that go with anything. I have a brown pleather biker jacket from Target Maternity that I pretty much wear with every outfit, and I look like those hipsters.


Forever 21 has a maternity line. Did you know that? I didn't find out until after both my boys were born. I try to keep myself put together by curling my eyelashes, throwing on some chunky jewelry and a sweater. I live in Arizona so a cardigan is all you need during the days in winter.

If I am a mess and I look it. I just throw on my running shoes so it looks like I have been exercising and have an excuse to look "gross"


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