DIY Sham Pillowcase Part 2

My little one has become increasingly resistant to bedtime (you have no idea what that’s like right?) so I thought it might help if I let her dip into the fabric collection and pick anything she wanted for mommy to make her a special pillow.  She chose this cute birdie fabric her auntie gave me (as part of the best gift ever) and I whipped up one of Jacinda’s Sham Pillowcases in under twenty minutes.

I’m not gonna lie and say it made bedtime a breeze, but she certainly adores it.  Get the full Sham Pillowcase Tutorial here.  And if your child loves a silky blanket as much as mine, also check out the DIY for the fleece and satin blanket pictured (and learn how to sew mitered corners) here: Silky Baby Blanket.



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