DIY Shibori Pouf

DIY Shibori PoufWe are bringing a burst of shibori to the party with these DIY Shibori Poufs. Unlike Jacinda, I don’t exactly have a knack for painting with watercolor, so this project was perfectly forgiving. You can use these poufs to decorate for parties and to brighten up your home. Right now I have mine hanging over my office space. Grab a handful of coffee filters and let’s get started!

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Learn how to make a DIY Shibori Pouf after the jump…

Pick up a package of coffee filters.

DIY Shibori PoufFold the coffee filters in quarters and paint the edges with indigo watercolor.

DIY Shibori PoufIf you want you can also just paint the outside edges to keep more white showing.

DIY Shibori PoufWait for them all to dry.

DIY Shibori PoufNow you will need a styrofoam ball and pins.

DIY Shibori PoufScrunch the middle of the coffee filter so it folds up as so…

DIY Shibori PoufPin the coffee filters to the styrofoam ball at the bottom of where you have scrunched it.

DIY Shibori PoufOnce you’re complete, pin a piece of jute twine or any type of string to the top of the pouf and hang.

DIY Shibori Pouf



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