DIY Simple (but fancy!) Iced Ginger Spice Cookies

To Finish off Freaky Friday, I have some EASY EASY iced cookies. But kinda fancy, no?
Ill add some DIY info a little later. For now, gather your ingredients and get that dough chilling in the fridge. Ya know, if you want to. I am off to host a little Friday Mommy Happy Hour!

Phew! That was a long Happy Hour! : ) Find the DIY after the jump…

This is so easy and delivers guaranteed “wow” factor.

What you need:

ginger-spice cookie dough – prepared per directions

Festive cookie cutters:
Skull and Crossbones
Fall Miniatures

ziplock bag

Wilton white cookie icing (available at any craft store)

Decorations (I only used black circles and black sprinkles, included in this set)

Ok, so here is where I feel silly even giving directions.

Once your dough is chilled and rolled out per the recipe, cut with your festive cutters and bake.

When your cookies are cool, remove the cap from the icing and pour some of the icing into the ziplock bag. push the air out of the bag and seal.

Snip the tiniest bit off of one of the corners of the bag.

Use this bag to decorate fine details like the bat, the spiderwebs and the leaves.

tip= Hold the bag about 1/4-1/2″ above the cookie and let the icing “fall” onto the cookie as your hand moves. This will make your lines more smooth.

For the larger areas of icing, use the tip provided with the icing. Draw an outline then fill in and spread icing as shown below. They won’t be a smooth as royal icing, or sugar flow but it’s worth it for the time saved.

Decorate with sprinkles if desired

Let your cookies dry for an hour or two and serve


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