DIY: Simple & Stunning Living Succulent Wreath

DIY Succulent Wreath Tutorial
This DIY succulent wreath is so easy & inexpensive, and it stays alive all year round! I saw a gorg version on the cover of the new Viva Terra catalog and I knew I had to make one, cause I don’t have $100 to spend on a plant.
DIY Succulent Wreath Tutorial
My house is filled with succulents, which is convenient, because you can just chop off a bit of a living succulent and it will grow into a new plant! So that’s what I did, clipped from living plants (I might have taken a few from a local park, if it doesn’t kill the plant that’s not stealing right?), and arranged into this living DIY succulent wreath.
DIY Succulent Wreath Tutorial
Total cost was about $10 and once the cuttings were dry, the assembly of the wreath took one nap time (an hour and a half). I really hope you like this DIY succulent wreath and give it a try.
DIY Succulent Wreath Tutorial
Get some Tips on How to Grow Succulents here, and learn How to Make A Living DIY Succulent Wreath below…

How to Make A Living DIY Succulent Wreath Tutorial

Materials you will need to make a succulent wreath:
-A wreath frame. This one was a 12″ wire frame in green for $4.89.
Sphagnum moss. This cost $8 and was enough for several wreaths.
-Floral wire or plain old fishing wire (I used fishing wire)
-Floral pins or just paperclips or bobby pins that you bend (I used bobby pins)
Rooting hormone (not required but definitely helps)
-Succulent clippings (you could buy succulents, but why?)

Notes in response to a few questions in the comments: yes, the wreath is alive and will continue to grow.  To keep it healthy, just spritz it with a spray bottle of water occasionally and make sure it gets some sun.  The easiest way to kill a succulent is too much water, but you won’t have that problem with the great drainage the wreath provides.

Succulent Wreath Instructions:
First we cut some clippings from living succulents. I clipped from the arrangement in my living room:

On my dining table (yes, that’s the Bias Tape Table Runner again):

From the front yard:

And from the back porch:

To clip, just grab a branch or a stem and cut. You can even regrow a succulent just from one leaf, but that will take longer so your wreath won’t look as full right away. It is pretty to have some “flower” looking succulents on your wreath, so on many I just cut right off the top.

This is after I cut several stems off. The plant doesn’t look any worse for the wear, right? So cut away!

I threw all of my clippings into a bag as I gathered them:

Ohhhh, they’re so pretty.

Now take them out and lay them somewhere for a few days. The end of the stem where you cut will be moist right after you cut. So you want to let them sit somewhere to dry until a dry scab forms on the bottom. Depending on the air where you live and the plant this could take 2-7 days. This will not kill the plant. This is setting it up to grow again!

Some of your clippings will have leaves all the way down to the end like this:

That is going to make it hard to plant the clippings, so go ahead and remove some of the leaves closer to the end:

Take those leaves and stick them wet-side-down into soil, they will grow into new plants eventually!

OK, we waited and now our clippings have scabs, the ends are dry.

Time to assemble our wreath!

So get out your wreath frame and spaghnum moss. Moisten the moss in a bowl or bucket for 5-10 minutes until it is fully wet.

Now stuff that wreath frame full of moss really tight from the back.

Now use floral wire or plain old fishing wire to wrap the frame and moss, just to make sure it holds.

Now turn your frame over. See how you can still see the frame on the front?

Add another layer of moss to cover and wrap with fishing line again. You can’t even see the fishing line when you’re done:

Now we are ready to start our succulent-designing! Start with the bigger clippings, the more unusual clippings that you only have one or two of. Make a hole in the moss with a pencil or stick or something pointy:

There’s the hole:

Dip your succulent in rooting hormone. You don’t HAVE to use rooting hormone, but it does help the cutting take root in your wreath:

If your succulent has a short stem or doesn’t feel fully secure, you’ll need to secure it in place in order to hang your wreath. I used bobby pins, you could also use floral pins or a bent paperclip. So just bend it a bit:

You don’t want to pierce the succulent, you want to go around it to hold it in place. You could actually skip using any attachment at all, but then you will have to leave your wreath laying flat until the roots start growing on your clippings, which will take 3-6 months. So slip the bobby pin around the stem. You won’t even notice it:

Putting groupings of the same plant next to each other looks nice, at least 3 or 4.

You really can’t go wrong with how you arrange succulents. There are some pretty ones that are green with red tips (no idea what they are called sorry), if you had a lot of those, that would make a gorgeous christmas wreath:

As you plant your clippings, leave a little room for them to grow, don’t pack them in too tight. In a year your wreath will be much fuller than it is now, so keep that in mind. Make sure to stand it up every now and then to get a feel for how it looks when hanging. So keep adding:

Until you feel like it’s done!

So if you used pins, you can let it dry a bit, then go hang that baby! Or you can set it in the center of your dining table, or outside somewhere. It’s so versatile and so beautiful and you made that thing yourself! You go girl!

Now that you’ve made a DIY Succulent Wreath, why not try some DIY succulent trees or learn How to Make A Succulent Crown? Now go ahead and follow us on Pinterest for more crafty inspiration.




This just might be the most beautiful Prudent Baby project ever. Beware greenhouses everywhere, I'm on a hunt for clippings!


I love the wreath how often do you have to water it ???? and do you water it
hanging on the door ?


I just made this and it turned out great. Make sure you use long fiber moss. I made the mistake of using the finer moss on my first attempt, other than that everything else was a piece of cake!


To all of you who think it is ok to clip other people’s plants. Please send your address so I can clip your wreaths. Clipping plants can cause the mother plant to get infections and will certainly decrease the size of the mother plant. For less that the price of the moss you can get a wide variety of succulents from Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot and the like.


It’s not self righteous, it’s called Good advice. Karen shows respect for someone else’ hard work, education and time. Clipping another person’s plant is something you should only do if you have permission from the owner. Otherwise it is theft. Nobody want’s to be regarded as a common thief, so Karen’s advice is spot on.


I agree. Do not cut other people’s plants. Karen is not self-righteous, she is respectful of other’s property. The wreaths are beautiful! Can’t wait to make one!


Wow. That's gorgeous and this is coming from someone that really isn't a huge wreath type person. I can tell you must live where it's slightly warmer than it is where I am. LOL I'd not be off scouring the local parks eh-hem BORROWING the tips off of plants and am afraid that I'd be in a greenhouse doing that. Of course, with my luck, they'd catch me and after the legal fees and jail time (do you get jail time for stealing only a part of a plant? LOL) it would probably be cheaper for me to have bought the expensive one from the catalog. Anything in my yard is covered in snow though. In fact, the only thing green around my yard is the ugly trees that came with the house that won't die. Ever. Anyone want some of my trees for their wreaths? If enough come maybe they'll finally die off. 🙂 Nah, nevermind. Then I'd have a clear view to the neighbors yard where he stores every type of metal you can find in the local junkyard, including the back half of that box truck. I'm still not sure where you go buy the box off of a truck and WHY it's really needed in anyone's back yard for storage. Don't they sell steel storage sheds at Home Depot? Anyway, I digress………your wreath is simply gorgeous. Great job and great tutorial.

vburr at charter dot net


wow that is stunning. I would LOVE to have one of those in my home – it looks so tropical and…succulant. As a Florida girl who has been transplanted into the winter wonderland of northern TN, that wreath would be a welcome reminder of warmer places. Don't know where I could find clippings…maybe I can just buy a few plants then I can have them all over my home. Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration!


Wow, that's awesome! I have a decidedly un-green thumb, but I'd be willing to give this a try anyway, because it rocks! Now if I only had any idea where to find succulents around here …


I can't believe how beautiful this is! (And how beautiful all the succulents around your house are. Lucky you). Holly, ivy and mistletoe eat your heart out. Who would ever want one made of anything else? Especially for hot southern hemisphere xmases…
This is so inspirational and not just for the wreath. I adore succulents and am planning some kind of succulent garden as last week we finally managed to buy the house we've been renting for 2 years (and which I now finally have an excuse to do stuff to). I'm thinking you could use this same idea to make other living outdoor things like… succulent trellises? geometric succulent shapes on contrasting outside walls? So many possibilities. I have stashed some scissors in the stroller in case I spot any out and about to clip from. Heh. Neighbours beware.


Oh my goodness that is gorgeous! Looks like I'll be headed to my local gardens soon to become a plant snipper. That means I'm not becoming my mother I'm becoming my grandmother as she was a notorious clipping taker!

SEWphisticated Mama

Holy cow! That's amazing! I have never seen anything like that before! Hmmm… I think I might have to add this to my to do list 🙂 How do you keep them alive? How often do you water it? Thanks for the fantastic idea!


This is beautiful! But, like SEWphisticated Mama above, I was wondering about care for the wreath… does it require watering, and how often, and is it messy?


You just gave me the PERFECT idea for Christmas present for my Grandparents!!! they live in Pismo Beach and I have been really struggling with what to get them. Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!


The more I look at this… I'm not sure I can ever post a project on Prudent Baby again. This is just too magnificent to follow.


You guys not only totally rock, but you are mind reade3rs now too! They had one of these in Better Homes and Gardens. I fell in love with it but thought it was way too difficult for me to figure out. Thank you!!!


hey ladies! thank you! so to keep it alive you spritz it with water from a spray bottle. also try to let it get some sun (doesn't have to always be in full sun, but they like some sun).


This is fantastic! I'm probably going to have to start growing succulents in my house now so that someday I can make this, or something like it.

My husband did raise his eyebrows at a "living wreath"–like maybe it's something from Night of the Living Dead or better for Halloween decorating.


So lovely! I can't wait to make one. I'll have to wait until spring because all of my succulents are outside and I live in the Great White North where, needless to say, everything is D.E.A.D.
Which is OK- I am way too busy trying to get my holiday orders out the door. December is always a disaster at my house. I should be working right now… Do you think my 3 year old will notice if I skip the tree this year?


This is gorgeous, even though there is something about succulents that gives me the willies. Maybe it is the living, fingerlike tendrils. Or, the fact that they continue to live when cut. If I want a plant dead, it better die when I chop it down. I think it just might be the word succulent….like you have to have a lot of slurpy saliava in your mouth when you say it. Shudder. Kind if like the word moist. If somebody ever said to me, Don't let your succulent get too moist, I think I might die of the creeps.

Seriously though, that is amazing artistic and chic!!!


So so so pretty!!! This is totally going in the Mother's Day gift file… since I'm in MI and my succulents are not so succulent at the moment! I might even go cruise the local nurseries to see what I can get for clearance/end-of-year prices…


I have an inability to remember to water plants, so succulents have always been my favorites. My frugal (or Scrooge-like, depending on who you ask) husband has an inability to buy Christmas decorations that you only use for a few weeks and then throw away. The red and green succulent wreath just might save our holiday! Not to mention our marriage! 🙂


The look of maximum pleasure/accomplishment on your face after making this wreath gave me goosebumps. I'm proud of you my royal wifeness. Blows Viva Terra's out of the water… xo

aja reeser

well this is just amazing! AMAZING!! firstly, i had no idea that you could propagate succulents like that. makes me wish florida had more succulents around for me to take clippings from! secondly, your wreath is stunning. simply stunning.


Love it! I'm obsessed with "borrowing" succulent cuttings whenever I can. This is a great way to put them to holiday use! Thanks!


This is so amazing! I would LOVE to make one! Sadly though, I live in Alaska and I'm pretty sure there aren't any succulents up here. We do however have an abundance of glacier ice, snow, and moose if you're interested in some sort of trade….


Wow! This is incredibly beautiful! My black thumb will probably keep me from making this. (I have zero gardening talent…right now my front yard is full of dead sticks from planting azaleas in OK in June. What was I thinking?!?!?) BUUUUUUUUUUUUT, I would totally buy for my house. Great project…love it. If you ever feel like selling, let me know. 😉


Also….can someone tell me what a succulent is? Maybe I need to plant some in my yard next time around…we restart every spring. (Zero gardening talent, remember??)

It's Just Girlie

Absolutely beautiful! I'm now going to be hunting for some succulent plants. I usually hunt for tree seedlings. I have a beautiful Crape Myrtle in my front yard because of my little scavenger hunts (my boys enjoy the hunt, too). It's not stealing if the land scappers are going to kill them anyways, right?


OK I am embarrassed. I didn't know what a succulent was until you posted this and now I want some! What temperatures do they survive in?

Scarlet Heart

Love it! I just said this afternoon that with all the christmas decorations, I can't imagine not having the tree or wreath in the house after the holidays. This solves that problem! Year-round wreath, here I come!


Even just a *photo* of this amazing project is stunning. The color/shape balance, the perfect asymmetry (is that an oxymoron?), what an inspiration! Thanks for posting this gorgeous project. My family always has always spent Christmas in Florida and this would be a cheerful reminder of the sun as we celebrate in New York for once this year!

Bonny Edwards

I love succulents. I created centerpieces for all of the tables at my wedding filled with them. They were the star of the evening housed in vintage, milk-glass containers topped with softly shimmering champagne-colored glass chips. Your beautiful wreath takes me back to that evening! The different varieties you chose highlight the beauty and multitude of colors these plants offer.


Oh my goodness, this is simply perfect! Thank you so much for sharing, I'm totally in love with your wreath, and I'll definitely try this. And did I say it's perfect?


This is so pretty! Sadly, I don't live where succulents are abundant in my garden – Here in the middle of North Carolina we have some but not many. I can grow them indoors but the colors and variety in your beautiful wreath aren't available here. So….. My daughter who is visiting friends in Sarasota this week is in charge of bringing some home!


If you would like to purchase succulent cuttings, wreath form to make your own wreath (DIY) or purchase SUCCULENT LIVING WREATH for any occasion, you might want to go to:


Miss Rubio

I absolutely LOVE this….I'm with Jacinda..beware I'm gonna be looking around for beautiful succulents to clip. I've done it before, and not afraid to do it again haha. Can't wait to create something this beautiful too. Fabulous job..and your post is amazing, I admire you for taking the time to post every single step. Thank you…XoXo

She & He

Am going to post this on my wedding blog, this would be great with the trend to using succulents in bouquets! This would be perfect for the door of the church or a random wall that just needs something SPECTACULAR, which this certainly is. So come on over later today and visit your wreath on and http://heartsandflowersaweddingblog.blogspot.comand
Will link back to your great site so my bride readers can visit often! The great thing about this is even I (The Queen of BLACK THUMBS as well as weddings, can't kill off succulents, so if anyone is considering not trying this due to the dreaded thumb disease…give it a try…if I don't kill them on a regular basis they must be pretty hardy!


I'm making these for my mom and mother-in-law (and sister, and friends, and me…) for Mother's Day. My clippings are drying as we speak! Thanks for the great tutorial, as always!

Vanilla Bean Crafts

I LOVEEEEEE this idea! I'm totally obsessed with succulents right now, and we're working on our garden tomorrow to make a big succulent section! I'll have to save some clippings to try this, thanks!

Judy @ In His Grip

OH MY GOSH! Seriously, this is the best ever. I am totally going to make one of these. I had no idea that succulents could be started so easy. I am headed to the arboretum with a big purse to see if they need help any trimming, ha, ha. Great job!


This is an AWESOME tutorial!!! I have tons of succulents that keep growing and have replanted petals many times. This is a great DIY wreath project (and I usually don't even care for wreaths) for me to start on months before the holidays (to have them start rooting) to give away as presents!! Thanks for all the step by step photos & details! THANKS Prudent Baby!!!


This is so beautiful, I am definitely going to give it a go. Great tutorial. Love that it can be completed in a 'nap time'.

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Kellie M

Do you have to protect this from freezing? Our nighttime temps occasionally dip below 32.


hmm, i didn’t but i am in los angeles. i have to admit i don’t know anything about protecting plants from freezing 🙂


I live in idaho where it freezes solid and most succulents do great here! I am going to make one, but in the winter I plan to put it on a warmer side of my house so that it is not exposed to the harsh winter winds that dip below freezing regularly. I think it will survive just fine.

Lynda Lien

THANK YOU for the easy to follow tutorial and showing us your beautiful succulent wreath. Like you I haven’t wanted to spend $100 on a succulent wreath so now I will finally be able to make one for little cost. Again, thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much for the tutorial. I love succulents and this wreath is so beautiful. I can’t wait to make one for for friends and myself.


I found your site through Pinterest.
This is so beautiful.
I’ve been looking for a symbolic thing to do during our ceremony at our wedding in August….a succulent wreath with input from our closest family and friends during the ceremony would be amazing….thank you thank you thank you thank you!


I love this. I am going to try this myself. I found this on Pinterest and your tutorial is amazing. Great job and beautiful photographs. THanks for sharing. Lesley


Awesome, awesome idea!!! And your wreath turned out gorgeous!! I found this post on Pinterest and the next day, my grandmother and I made 3. Ours weren’t nearly as artsy as yours but we love them and are planning to put a candle in the middle (of the smaller ones–we made one big for the wall too) and lay it on our patio tables. We also are huge succulent plant fans. Thank you for the idea!!


This wreath is awesome. I love the combo of so many different types of succulents.


I love this idea! I found it via Pinterest and was so happy to find that your post gave a super-helpful “how-to”!
Thank you so much for taking the time to post the steps and photos – I know from experience that those posts take some time and effort.

Jellykkaland » 5Things: 6 Mar 2012

[…] DIY Succulent Wreath One thing I noticed since starting to live in the Bay Area is how lovely and full of variety succulents are, from the ubiquitous jade plants and prickly agaves to more exotic, interesting, downy-textured things. This project uses various different succulents to make a stunning living wreath. Want. Want. Want. […]


Could you please tell me the name of the succulants you used in your wreath?- I have looked at several online and nothing compares to the contrasting colors and textures you used!

Gwen D

I bought my succulents at Lowe’s and Home Depot. Lowe’s had a better variety, I live up north, so I couldn’t just go out to my yard to pick them.


I’m also going to get mine at Lowe’s or Home Depot or a local nursery because I live in the midwest. Do you keep yours outside in the summer (say, front door?) and inside in the winter? Or inside all year? Trying to figure out how I’m going to keep these guys alive during the midwest winter 🙂


Gwen D

I love this project, made two of them for mother’s day. I do have a question though… Any idea how long they will take to root? I did by the rooting hormone, but did get the project done as early as would have liked. I guess they’ll just have to keep them flat for a little while to be safe.


Your wreath is absolutely gorgeous!! I’d love to make this and send it to an Auny through the mail, wdo you think this would be possible if packed properly?

Thank you so much


I love this! Thank you so much cant wait to do it. Is really stunning and it looks great.

Again thank you. :o)

Emily Huntoon

I made this today and LOVE it already! Thanks for the tutorial…I’m not sure if someone said it above, but make sure to use the LONG FIBER sphagnum moss!


I found your tutorial after I saw a succulent wreath posted on fb on . I searched on how to make one & found this page… thank you! thank you! thank you! Love it! I made 2 over the last 2 days, one 18 & the other 12 inches…. living in the NE I couldn’t find too many colors so I used different varieties & textures, shades of green….. love them….. thank you so much. Your wreath is gorgeous!


Adorei a sua explicação, perfeito, sempre tive vontade de aprender, agora chegou o momento!!!!

Muito Obrigada por compartilhar…

Feliz Setembro!!!
1000 Beijokinhas


We have a solid wood door that we have not painted (it has been stained) to leave it natural. Will this leave any water marks on the door?


This is beautiful! I am going to make these as Christmas gifts for my friends. Would it work to use a smaller wreath frame, let’s say an 8″ or 10″ diameter. Has anyone tried that?


P.S. I’m also wondering what happens when you take clippings from succulent plants that are larger, with stems that grow up to 12″ long for example, or even the vining types of succulents. Even if I clip the smaller and younger parts of the plant, will they stay somewhat small in the wreath, or will they become huge eventually and offset the wreath? I would imagine that even these larger varieties can’t grow too incredibly big in the wreath with only moss to feed off of, rather than soil. Am I right?

Beatriz Milian Moragues

Socorrooo… por que no puedo traducir esta pagina, no se nada de ingles y no entiendo que es lo que hay en el bowl. Si alguien pudiera ayudarme lo agradeceria mucho ya que me encanto este trabajo y me gustaria mucho poder realizarlo.Saludos


I wanted to put a few on my bedroom walls. Would that cause moisture on my walls? Would it be damaging you think?

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[…] This being the year of turning plans into fruition, I finally made it happen.  I followed this tutorial and really couldn’t believe how easy and fun it was.  I ended up buying a few to fill in the […]


great information and love the wreath. where do I find the rooting hormone?

Laverne Rivera

this is the most beautiful wreath that i have ever seen and i am going shopping tomorrow so i can make my own….one question already asked is where to find root hormone, appreciate the info.


The wreath is so beautiful! I absolutely love this tutorial! I am such a visual person and try to do things perfectly or exact the first time so that I completely understand. Thank you for being so thorough with each step. Wonderful, wonderful! I will be making one for everyone I know! 🙂


gorgeous wreath! lovely tutorial. for some reason i thought succulent wreaths must be complicated to make because they are always so, so expensive to buy. but, not true! looking forward to making my own!

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I always love to start out my succulent projects with cuttings. Being able to watch them grow and blossom is so rewarding.

AutoUSA Texas

I want to thank you for your article- I bought a planted wreath like this at a garden center that has since closed – and I have killed all the plants and washed out most of the soil – I have been trying for a few summers to replicate my original wonderful planted wreath – Thank you for your guidance!

new suv

I like what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and coverage!
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[…] If you want, you could make a succulent wreath using plants from your garden. You could also buy the plants. You’ll need a wreath frame, moss, floral wire, floral pins and, of course, succulents. Spritz them with water occasionally and make sure they get sun.{found on prudentbaby}. […]


I think we might be soul sisters hehe. I’m always picking up succulent droppings it’s not stealing if they are already on the ground.


Living in California, I’ve become a huge fan of succulents. Originally saw this idea at the San Diego Safari Park and couldn’t wait to figure out how to make one. Your tutorial is excellent and I was able to use clippings from my own succulent collection. Planning on making several more for gifts next Christmas season! Thank you!


Your creative presentation of a lovely idea is tarnished by the suggestion to take plants from the park:

“that’s not stealing…”

It is exactly that.



Clipping plants is not stealing. It’s not only harmless, it is beneficial for plant health. Plants need to be trimmed now and then, it helps them to stay healthy.

You don’t think your heardresser steals your hear every time to go for a haircut?

Gorgeous project Jaime. I am inspired to make this one.

DIY Succulent Wreath ideas

[…] If you live in a region where succulent plants are easily available you can try making a natural wreath or you can easily buy them since they don’t cost much. This wreath will last you for a very long time and the best part is that they don’t even need much of your attention. For this tutorial you will need a Wreath Frame, Sphagnum moss , Fishing wire, Bobby Pins, Rooting hormone, Different Varieties of Succulent Plants. Firstly, moisten the Sphagnum Moss in Water for 5-10 minutes until it is completely wet. Then stuff the wreath with the moss really tightly. Once you complete the entire circle, wrap the frame and moss with the fishing wire to hold the filling from falling then. Then turn your frame over and add another layer of moss and wrap it again with fishing wire. Using a pen create a hole in the wreath. You can dip the succulent plant into rooting hormone (optional) and then push the succulent plant inside it. To refrain the plant from falling, secure it with a bobby pin around the stem. Leave a little room for them to grow, don’t pack them in too tight. Once done you can hang them or use it as a centerpiece or simply use it in your patio.(source) […]


[…] 1. Σε περίπτωση που σου έχει διαφύγει τα παχύφυτα είναι της μόδας — τόσο πολύ που σκέφτομαι να τους αφιερώσω κάποια στιγμή ένα Handmade Story! Δεν μου φαίνεται περίεργο μια που είναι  εύκολα στο να μεγαλώσουν και πραγματικά πανέμορφα. Στην παραπάνω εικόνα βλέπουμε πως να φτιάξουμε ένα στεφάνι με διάφορους τύπους παχύφυτων και οι οδηγίες βρίσκονται αναλυτικά στο […]


I know you made this wreath a few years ago, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m featuring it in my Summer Wreath round-up tomorrow! (If you would rather not be featured, no biggie. Just let me know.) It’s gorgeous! I would love for my readers to know about your blog:)


Love the wreath!
Do you have a plant list for the more colorful clippings?


Yours is so much more gorgeous than the ones I see on Viva Terra! You must take very good care of your succulents for them to all look so healthy. I’m afraid I neglect mine since they are so low-maintenance, and they don’t always look so great. But, I never learn my lesson since they always bounce back from my abuse. I’ll definitely have to do a better job though, if I’m to make a similar wreath!

5 DIY Succulent Wreath Roundup |

[…] there are many ways to achieve the look. Here are a few of my favorites. 1. Via Jamie at Pretty Prudent  2. Via Garden Therapy  3 Via Apartment Therapy  4. Via the Rainforest Garden  5. Via […]


I live in Minnesota with cold winters & honestly don’t have a green thumb. I’m wondering what are the ideal surrounding for these succulent wreaths or where, if any, won’t these thrive. TIA.

Mary jane Hammette

Thank you so much for these instructions. I think I’ll do it for a program for my garden club!

Christina A Coyle

So beautiful! How would you care for this long term? Would a light spritzing of water occasionally
be all it needed to stay healthy?


I set mine in a trash can lid filled with water and let the moss soak it all up, then rehang. I suppose you could put a few inches of water in your bathtub or sink and do the same thing.


About how many succulents does it take to make a wreath? I have never done this before so want to make sure I have enough. Is it ok to use a combination of small succulents and clippings?

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