DIY Stadium Seating for the Pantry

Stadium Seating for Pantry
We have this amazing trick for organizing a pantry.

Have 2×4’s cut to the width of your shelf (I’ve found they will do this for you for free at Home Depot, especially if you have a cute baby with you)

Paint them (I was happy I did this, It was a pain at the time but it looks much more finished) I just used white spray paint.

Stack them in there. We used 6 to create 4 levels. 3 in the back, then 2, then 1

This is awesome if you have lots of little jars like baby food and spices. It’s also great if you have thousands of canned goods like us. You never know when you will need 4 cans of coconut milk.




Great idea! Wonderful solution for my spice organization woes…especially since I live in a rental. I don't want to invest in any system that might not work in the next (more permanent) home!


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