DIY Sugar Cookie Cone

As I have long suspected, royal icing has serious adhesive power, which is good say, if you want to make 3-D treat sculptures like this Sugar Cookie Cone (or reattach the sole of your shoe with tasty, tasty glue.)

Click here to get the DIY for making a crowd-pleasing Sugar Cookie Cone like these that I made for Clare’s Buggie Birthday!
DIY Sugar Cookie Cones

If you need a cookie refresher, here are the tutorials for 10 Tools/Supplies for Fancy Sugar CookiesHow to Prepare Royal Icing and Decorating Royal Icing Sugar Cookies.

What You Need:

• 70 mini Fancy Royal Icing Cookies – 35 if you are a total cheater (like me) and only do the front of the cone.

I made an assortment of Butterflies, Strawberries, Flowers and Ovals with Ladybugs.

Note: I added the black and red details on the ladybugs with Americolor Food Decorating Pens. I sprinkled the flowers and butterflies with Rainbow Sparkles Edible Glitter.

• 12″ Styrofoam Cone

• 8″ round cake board (or cut cardboard)

• glue gun

• Pastry brush or a new clean 1″ paint brush

• Tinted royal icing in a pastry bag. This was Lemon Yellow with the tiniest toothpick tip of Super Red.

What To Do:

1. Hot glue the Styrofoam cone to the center of the cake board

2. Using a brush, cover the entire cone with a thin layer of royal icing and let dry

3. Starting at the bottom, attach one cookie at a time with a dab of royal icing. Use as little icing as needed for the cookies to stick. A bit of the cookie pulls away where it is attached when people pull the cookies off to eat them so you want to lose as little cookie as possible.

4. Work your way up to the top and let dry.

5. Optional, I filled my spaces with royal icing using a star tip. This looked very nice but made it nearly impossible to pull some of the cookies from the cone. I would only do this again if it were only for display… and trust me if there are kids at your party… it is NOT only for display…



Heldin des Chaos

Wow this looks soo great!

Do you think it would work if you wrap the cone in baking paper before you aplie the royal icing, so you could reuse the styrofoam cone?
Or would the cookies fall of?

I realy like all the possibilities this idea offers, witch hats for halloween, christmas trees., wedding cookie cake… 🙂


This is so pretty! I think you could also shape an edible cone out of rice krispy treats. I can't wait to see what other yummies you have in store for this summer!


Heldin – I think you could wrap the cone but I would try something a little stiffer like deli paper or craft paper rather than parchment which might lose shape under the weight. If you try it, please let us know!

Tammiemarie – you could most certainly go the rice krispy treat route. Now I want some. yum!


this is seriously so stunning. i dont know if i could even eat one because it's so pretty. yes i could.


Without the frosting in between the cookies, were you able to easily remove the cookies? I'm thinking about making this for an engagement party but don't want to if the guests can't peel off those yummies w/o destroying the whole thing@


Hi Tracy-Removing the cookies was more difficult than I had anticipated. I would suggest using the smallest dab of icing possible to hold the cookie on. Or if you are up for experimenting, try a thick buttercream frosting as the "glue" instead. It should hold the cookies but also release easily. Good luck! If you make one, send a photo! The other solution is to pile more cookies around the bottom for eating and really consider the cone a display. It's really is sad/painful when the cone starts "losing" cookies. HA!


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