DIY Super Sweet No-Sew Ribbon Mobile

I spied this ribbon mobile over at super-cute site Hudson&Co., and was struck by it’s beauty and simplicity. This is a no-sew project with results that are just so sweet. I asked the creator, Erin of Hudson&Co. to share the tute with us, and she agreed. I love it and I hope you do too.

Here’s Erin to give us the scoop: I previously posted a roundup of Hudson’s mobiles, the final being this ribbon mobile that I made for him, and I promised a DIY so that you could make one too.  My understanding of the value of mobiles is that they help babies develop motor skills as well as their sight. As Hudson is now three and a half months old, it was time to move on from the blue seahorse mobile and the blue felted mobile, to a mobile with brighter colours. I wanted it to be stimulating, but not overly so. Then I saw this photo in How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way and found my inspiration. Get the full DIY Super Sweet No-Sew Ribbon Mobile Tutorial after the jump…

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DIY Super Sweet No-Sew Ribbon Mobile

Just like I reuse all my cards after Christmas, I also keep all the ribbons and I even cut off the handles of shopping bags if I think that the fabric is cute.  First, I organized my ribbons by colour to see what I had.

I picked out the ones I liked best, arranged them in a pleasing array, and ironed them flat.

Then I gathered my supplies. I found a small embroidery hoop and grabbed regular kitchen twine.

Using the rabbit ears technique, I tied each coloured ribbon into a small bow and trimmed the ends.

I measured off lengths of twine, decreasing each by one inch.  I started with the longest at 12 inches, but it got a little too short there at the end, so I’d probably recommend starting at 14 or 15 inches and cutting from there. After feeding the twine through the backs of the bows and tying a simple knot. I attached each ribbon to the hoop.

In the end I opted not to use the white ribbon, as eight colours were easier to arrange symmetrically.  I crossed two lines of twine across the top so that I could hold or hang the mobile.

Ta da!  All done.  Hudson is really interested in this one, so I think it was introduced at the right time. I like that it was free (using materials I already had on hand), non-plastic, and not over-stimulating.  And if I should ever disassemble it, I can reuse the ribbon again and, of course, use the hoop for a different project.

P.S. Can I just say how hard it is to take a clear picture of a mobile? 😀


Isn’t this so sweet & simple?  I love when such easy to execute projects have such perfect results.  Check out more great tutes & inspiration at Erin’s site: Hudson&Co.




oh that is sooo cute and simple, I love it !!
my baby G is also 3 months and a half so it is about time to introduce mobiles. but i have a silly question in here, how can i hang this mobile ? my little one sleeps in her crib or in my bed, so, how can i do ?

Katie Wyllie

This is soo cute! Our first little baby is coming in April and I definetly want to add this to my list of things to make 🙂 I think it would look super cute adding some fabric yo'yos too!


This is just adorable, and so easy! I have been lurking here for a while, and I just love all the ideas. I can't wait to make this for my niece's baby boy, due to arrive soon.


Oh this is just PERFECT! I too have all of the supplies already hibernating in my various junk drawers… I feel a project coming on!


Thank you for all the lovely comments! @Kawtar, I have seen mobile hangers at the art store that you could probably use, or maybe you could hang it from a string from the ceiling. I hold this one up for Hudson when he's on his mat, and when he tires of it, I just put it away. Thank you so much to Jaime and Jacinda for allowing me to share my tutorial here!


I love this! I made my son his mobile but it was quite a bit more complicated. I love how sweet and simple this is. Thanks for sharing!


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