DIY Vintage Plate Cameo Hanging

We’ve given you the Cameo Silhouette Plaque DIY and the Cameo Silhouettes 3 Ways DIY, but now that I’m in love with mod podge I think I’ve created the easiest silhouette tutorial ever.  The vintage plate makes for a beautiful frame and the whole project took about 15 minutes.  This project falls into both our Under $5 and Under an Hour categories, and I think it would make a great gift, do you agree?

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DIY Cameo on a Vintage Plate

1. Assemble your materials.  You need Mod Podge (I used glossy), a sponge brush, a vintage plate (this one is actually new, i got it for $2 at a store called “BARGAINS” around the corner) and a picture of your subject.  Measure the inside of your plate and print out the image the size you would like to be.  For my salad plate I printed out my silhouette 2.5″ tall.  My print out is a black silhouette because Jacinda made me one for Prudent Advice for My Baby Daughter, but if you only have an actual picture that’s fine, just make sure it is a profile shot (duh) and print it out.  You can visit the DIY Cameo Silhouettes 3 Ways post here for more specific details on cutting it out.

2.  Cut out your silhouette with scissors. 

3.  If you have a laser printer you can skip this step and move to step 4.  But since you can’t mod podge an inkjet print out (it will smear), trace it onto the paper you’d like to use for your cameo.  You can use a fun pattern but I went with a shiny black scrapbook paper:
Cut your silhouette out:

4. Apply a light coat of mod podge to the entire plate.  A really thin one will do, you don’t want too much texture.  Center your paper cameo cut out on top and smooth any bubbles out with your fingers:

Let it dry competely, about 20 minutes.

5.  Apply another thin coat of mod podge on top:

Let it dry completely.  You’re done!

Hang with a plate hangerfrom any hardware or bed/bath store.  Make a whole bunch more of your whole family!  Just don’t eat off of them.  I don’t think you’re supposed to eat off Mod Podge.



Only Up

Hey! thats me!!! I heard somewhere that as long as you reference a quote 2 times, its yours after that… hahaha thank you ladies!


This sounds odd, but does that plate have a pattern name? I love it and would love to look for similar pieces!


Hope you don't mind me asking, but could you tell me the source of the red and black flower print in the background of the last picture?
Many thanks,


Thank you so much Jaime, I will definately check them out. I neglected to say in previous post that your vintage plate looks absolutely FAB against the wallpaper! Thanks again!

princess granola

sorry but this kind of freaks me out. cameos have made me feel a little heeby-jeeby since i was a kid…my family used to give me things with them on it as a joke. a floating head on a plate. guess i could always use it for halloween.


I just discovered your website – this is a cute idea! I like the variation of the silhouette. I love making decoupage plates and this looks like it would be fun to try.

I wanted to let you know that I posted some decoupage plate ideas on my blog today and this was one of them. I included a link to this tutorial and your website – thank you for sharing this project 🙂


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