DIY Yarn Sun Wall Art

Here’s a no-skills-required way to decorate a wall with just yarn and some pins. Perhaps I should have made it a color you can actually see in a photograph, oops. We love LELLOW over here, what can I say…

I originally made this last winter for the fabulous La Petite Mag, now
get the full Yarn Sun Wall Art DIY after the jump…

DIY Yarn Wall Art

You’ll need a skein of yarn, some pins, and a pencil.

1.  Start with a blank wall:

2. Put a pin or nail in the corner (nails are easier on you, pins are easier on the wall, i used pins) and tie a string to it. Tie a pencil to the other side of the string and pull it taut to lightly draw a semi-circle:

3. Attach pins along your semi circle at even distances apart:

Erase your pencil line.

4. Weave your yarn around the corner pin, out to a pin on the semi circle, and back to your corner pin. Repeat until complete:

5. Wrap the yarn down along the pins and back to create the edge of your sun:

6. Attach pins on the other side of the wall to create your rays. Wrap the yarn around the circle edge pins, out around a ray pin and back to the circle edge:

At the semi circle, just wrap around the starting pin and move to the next pin:

Tie off when you’re done. Complete! Scarlet loves her sun so much. I promise it’s more visible in person.




I actually love the tone-on-tone of the yellow sun on yellow wall. It's like an interesting texture but not too busy. Beautiful!


Um…so I LOVE that bed!! Where did you get it? My daughter is about ready to move into a bigger bed. SO adorable!


honey scrap it's from IKEA and i LOVE it. it's an extendable bed, so a weird size, I'm going to post a DIY on making sheets for it soon. it grows from this size to a twin. love it.


Thanks! Just found it on their website…seriously taking my hubby and our tiny SUV to haul it home this weekend:)


I saw this back in the winter when you first posted it on la petite mag and went straight out and got some yarn for my daughters room. Now if I can only find the time to finish the fabric animal decals for the walls her room may be finished by the time she goes off to college.


Wow, that's the coolest thing ever. Also, I totally thought you were calling someone "honey scrap" as a term of endearment….hee!

(cute name, Ms HoneyScrap!)

Alix from


I saw this on your blog two days ago and cannot stop thinking about. Even last night at 4am, when I had that dreaded pregnanct insomnia, I just thought about this and how and if I will put it in the new combined girls nursery.

You are brilliant! Thanks for posting.

I wonder if you could somehow make clouds too?? I can't imagine how with the soft curves but I'll keep thinking.


I'd also like to know about the "For like ever" print.

AND, I'm thinking about getting two extendable beds for my girls, who will be sharing a TINY 8×10 room. Are they well-made & sturdy? Are they as wide as a twin bed? I saw that you mentioned a sheet tutorial for them…I'd definitely love to see that!


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