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You know that we love making videos for y’all, whether they are DIY’s, travel, or cooking, so we decided get a little personal last week and play around with some VLOGGING. Just a little peek into our daily lives. Since I’m in Texas and Jaime is in California, it’s also nice to see her pretty face every once in a while. Did you see our silliness? Or should I say my silliness and Jaime’s glamorous jet-setting? Or should I say my ragged side braid and Jaime’s lux curls? Or should I say my minivan banter and Jaime’s ACE Hotel pool banter? You get my point. Well if you didn’t see it, here ya go! Daily Vlogging from the Prudent Baby gals or should I say, daily vlogging until Jaime up and took a private plane to Santa Barbara and left me so depressed that I couldn’t even turn on my camera. I mean really, what could I possibly say that would be more interesting than a private plane? That Walmart is out of Primary Composition notebooks? Which they are FYI. Well, I hope you like the vids and if you do, please subscribe to our channel where we will be posting a brand new video every Thursday!



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