Doggie Beds, Dishwashers and Mini Princesses: Friday I’m in Love

Where I am in the world: We are 1.5 weeks into our epic Summer roadtrip. Dallas to Eastern New Mexico, to Tucson, to San Diego for lots of sunshiny fun. Now we are finishing up 3 days here in LA with my very best friends. Jaime was off to Blogher but we got to squeeze in a few meals in swimsuits and even pulled off a giant photoshoot of both of our families together. I also had the chance to luxuriate in the amazing home of Crunchtime‘s Sherri York. Well, luxuriate as much as one can with 3 crazy tikes. Gordon however took his relaxation time very seriously, claiming the dog bed as his very own lounger. I think we need to do a toddler lounger tute. He seriously was obsessed. Would y’all make that?

Of course we couldn’t come all this way and not head to Disneyland for some magical girl time.

Fabric that has me drooling: I’m not in a rush to get home but I do know that I have new stash of fresh fabric waiting for me including these sweet threads…

new modern fabricMelody Miller for Kokka, Ruby Star Spring 2012, Starlet Absinthe

Heather Ross, Nursery Versery, Countrymice Yellow

Echino Decoro, Zebra Natural

Cosmo Textile, British Mix White

Post I’m bookmarking: 22 items you can put in a dishwasher, 13 you shouldn’t, plus how to cook salmon in it.

Well mamas, we are off for another long day driving to Cedar City, Utah in the morning. The girls are thrilled to see their aunt get married on Saturday and dance the night away, I am too! xoxo




Looks like you are having so much fun! Seeing Quinn in the princess gown reminds me of the time she deconstructed the princess window scene at the Pool Mall when I visited you. So funny!!!
Maybe we could start planning for a trip to the east coast next year?? Just think of all the beach y fun we could have!!


Your boy in the doggie bed and sippy cup, classic! Do the lounger tut, I’d definetly make it!! Have a great rest of your trip!


Oddly enough, my toddler always goes for the dog bed at our friends’ houses. So I’d totally love to make her one that hasn’t been used as a dog bed!


I’d love a tute for a toddler bed, especially the kind that are like a little couch and then the cushion flips down into a bed.


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