Drunk on Yarn

Another of my top-most-favorite Jacinda posts ever: Wine Rack as Yarn Storage. While Jacinda is enjoying her new baby, I’m sharing some of my favorite Jacinda tutes & inspiration. Would you agree with me that this is pure genius?

For me, it was one of those eureka, a-ha moments in craft organization…it just blew my mind. I immediately jumped out of my chair and organized my own yarn: Wine Rack as Yarn Storage Part 2.

Sigh, it makes me so happy. If you are feeling a bit yarn-toxicated, check out some of our yarn tutes here.

How do you store your yarn? Do you hang on to wine long enough to require a wine rack? What else could you use a wine rack for? Your comment could win you a yard of gorg pom pom trim.




Love the idea of the yarn, although in my house my dog would think it was perfect height for him to pick any color that we chooses to shred. I have to keep my yarn tucked away in a large carry-all bag.

Because we tend to go through wine quickly we generally use our wine rack to store bottles of Pellingrino, I just love seeing all the beautiful green bottles! Also we have a old rack that I have tucked away in a cabinet that I use to store alcohol and mixers.


Wine lasts long enough in someone's house to actually make it to a wine rack? Seriously?!?!? I must meet these people and learn their secrets to self control. I used to store magazines in my wine rack but yarn is a great idea too ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh wow! I don't use yarn for anything but looking at these pictures makes me wish I did. The colors are just gorgeous. Love the contrast of it and the black wine wrack.

It would be an awesome decorations as well!

Tristin @ Two Girls Being Crafty

Ok, so I'm not a wine drinker, but I totally feel the need for a wine rack now. (Plus, there are so many cool styles out there!)

I mean,the possibilities of using a wine rack for organiztion are endless–bottles of this and tubes of that, paper in rolls…

I like the statement of the yarn in the rack… but I can imagine my toddler taking out each skein and unravelling them in a split second.


I don't use yarn but dang, I am still dying to win some pom pom trim!!!!! I will say though that the yarn in the pottery barn (or look alike) wine rack looks phenomenal!


I love this idea, though I can't use it because my kids would just unpack it all, ha! I store my yarn in plastic clear drawers so I can see it and access it easily but it's harder for them to get into it, especially the little one. My spinning fiber is all stored in one giant plastic storage tub, which isn't overly attractive but it keeps it neat. I really love the wine rack idea, though, especially if I ever get around to selling my handpainted yarns at a fiber show or something other than just online!



Lovely way to store/display yarn. Our Labs would love to play at Jacinda's house.
I store yarn and my roving in clear plastic over-the-door shoe hangers.
Wine racks also serve double duty for holding color grouped fat quarters, the ones that are rolled and tied.


Jacinda's wine rack yarn storage was the first post I ever saw on Prudent Baby, and it made me fall in love with you. Thanks for all of your inspiring ideas.
(Sew Homegrown)


Oooh. I love this. Super pretty. We don't drink alcohol, so usually I tend to shy away from anything that has built in wine storage. This changes my entire perspective!

Cook Clean Craft

What a brilliant idea! And so pretty. My small collection of yarn is stuffed in an empty nappy box, which I have to rummage through to find anything. Looks like I'll be picking up a wine rack next time I go thrifting.


AHHHHH!!! I have been trying to figure out a way to store my yarn for two years now!! It sits on the shelf on my closet, cascading down in a big wooly mess anytime I bump it. I am addicted to yarn and have it everywhere, so this is perfect for me!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Modern Survivor

It is beautiful. The comment above about dogs getting to the yarn is accurate. One of my good friends had her dog eat an entire ball of red yarn. When she saw red string hanging out of it's rear she thought the dog had a worm and stepped on it. (Who does that?) The poor pooch ran yelping and howling around all the yard furniture and trees making a post-intestine yarn maze until the yarn had all spooled out. I'm just saying…


Oh. Well, it's pretty and all… but it immediately made me think of a banquet for moths (although it's out in the light, so that helps). My yarn goes into plastic bags and then plastic bins, with Irish Spring to disguise the smell, and I make sure to visit it often so no critters think I abandoned it and it's fair game. Anything the LEAST bit suspect goes into the freezer for three days first. It only takes one moth scare (and I think the sucker flew in from outside, but still) to decide that the yarn needs to be stored with an eye towards pest control rather than home decor.

But… I still think it's pretty! (In someone else's house, of course!)


i put my yarn, that i have 10 or so skeins of one type, in a hanging sweater holder thing that has little shelves and is made of fabric. leftover yarns and one or 2 skeins are put in plastic bins, sorted into these cute little "yarn bras." i save plastic envelopes that linens come in and store them in those.


I agree with Amy above – this looks really nice, but you could only use it w/ your acrylic yarn. Any natural fibers would be too open to parasites in this kind of storage situation. Wool, bamboo, cotton, linen – needs to be storage-bagged for safe keeping!


THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!!! There have been several wine racks that I have seen that I would have loved to purchace for a BARGIN, but I don't really drink wine, so I could never justify having a piecve of Furnature in my house that I don't have a purpose for. . . but this . . . this would now have a puropse in my house! my poor yarn is in a heaping mess in a basket.


I don't use yarn or wine as much as I would like so my wine rack does hold some wine. I have a bakers rack that has a place to store wine and I use it for rolls of paper from IKEA for the toddlers as well as my childrens crafting supplies (cookie cutters, crayons, glue sticks and ect.) I have thought of using a wine rack to store my rolls of stabilizer but haven't managed to get that done like many of my projects!


I am laughing off of my chair! Cute idea-if you don't have a stash of epic proportions, like many of us die-hard knitters do! It is very pretty on display, though! ๐Ÿ™‚


I love how that looks! My twins would think it was put there for them (isn't everything, right-to them at least). I keep my yarn in big wood bowls that my Dad turned for me.


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