Embroidery Month

Jenny Hart

Did you know that February is Embroidery Month?!? Me either. But I’m kinda excited about it because I really love embroidery. In fact, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to do a bit more of it. So why not now? After all, it IS embroidery month!

If you need some Embroidery 101 (or a refresher,) why not stop by Sublime Stitching?

While you are on the blog, pick up one of Jenny Hart’s free patterns, I’m partial to the mustaches.

Or better yet, grab a copy of Jenny Hart’s latest book, Embroidered Effects

Or if you are cozy right here on Prudent Baby, why not try our Monogrammed Hair Clips or Cozy Embroidered Clock for Valentine’s Day because nothing says romance like felt and analog time telling. It’s true!

Stay tunes for more embroidery fun as we celebrate Embroidery Month. FANTASTIC! And if you have any embroidered projects to share, please send them our way.




in honor of embroidery month i will attempt to embroider something. i'm not promising i'll finish but i'll at least start


I LOVE Jenny Hart. Just got her sublime stitching book from Chronicle (Love them too). Perhaps one day I'll actually make something. Don't hold your breath. : )


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