Fabric Silhouette Garlands

Here is another take on the ever popular garland as decor for a party or a bedroom. This is super simple – you don’t even need to know how to sew. Of course ours are elephant themed but you can make any shape you want, and the whole project comes in under an hour.

I can imagine butterflies, or owls, or trains, or butterflies AND owls AND trains. Or silhouettes of your whole family lined up in a row! Get the full Fabric Silhouette Garland tutorial after the jump…

DIY Fabric Silhouette Garland

All you need to make this garland is some fabric, some Double Stick Fusible Web, and a template for your shape of choice.

1.  Start by fusing your fabric.  Just lay your fusible web between two pieces of fabric (with the fusible web on the wrong sides) and iron it in place.

2. Trace your shape with an air-erasable marker.  I used a cardboard elephant I bought at Michael’s, but you could use a stencil or any shape you like:

3.  Cut your shape out:

Repeat until you have as many shapes as you’d like:

4.  String them all together. I sewed them with my sewing machine, leaving a long thread at the beginning, and just stitching empty stitches in between the shapes, but you could use yarn or string and cut holes in the shapes to attach:

Done!  Hang as party decoration:

Or in the nursery.  I hung these above the closet door:

I really hope you all make some of these and email us pictures!  Such a simple and fun way to spice up a bedroom or party.




I love this so much!!! We threw a baby shower for a friend recently and stole your idea except we used a flower dicut instead of elephants. It was such a hit that some of the girls took it back to decorate the girls' side of the youth room at our church. SO cute and so cheap. A killer combo in my book. =)


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