Farm-tastic First Birthday: The Menu

With all that time I spent making Hay Cones and Door Bows for Quinn’s Party, I had to cut corners somewhere and where is that you might ask? Oh, the only thing that people really care about when they come to a party… the FOOD! But hear me out because I’ve never had so many people tell me how great the food was at a party.

Here’s what I whipped up (and outsourced) FAST, EASY and CHEAP!
A big spiral ham. We fed 45 people on $20!
My mom’s delicious cole slaw. It’s no-lie the best. Let me know if you want the recipe, I’ll hook you up.
Rick’s pinto beans. This is a great item to slow cook overnight.
Jacinda’s store-bought potato salad. Kinda trashy but so delicious.
and a big fruit salad in a watermelon basket, old school!

Plus lots of soft rolls and a giant jar of dill pickles.

For drinks we did a 2 big vats of iced tea and lemonade and regularly replenished glass pitchers on a self-serve table. We added scraps of fabric to these mason jars so folks wouldn’t misplace their glass. And of course there was lots of beer, and juice and water for the kiddos.

Everything could be cooked in advance and served room-temp/warm. It was so low maintenance that I actually had fun at my own party, I mean Quinn’s party, you know what I mean.




My mom just loves cole slaw! However she doesn't have a good recipe for it and has been looking for one. I would love it if I could finally give her one!


Holly-My jars are from Garden Ridge. Do you have them where you live? It's amazing… kinda like Christmas Tree Shoppe. They were under $1 each. We use them ALL THE TIME.

Ill start working on those recipes. The beans might be tough, he just kinda wings it. : )


sorry that was so random. but i saw your pickles and i thought pickled okra and i want some, so that is that.


LOL – when I was reading the part about the beverages, I first read it as follows, "of course there was lots of beer, juice, and water for the kiddos." Sorta changes the whole meaning of a sentence without the addition of "and", doesn't it?


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