Do you want this?

You know you do! Well, here’s your chance to win it…

Introducing our very first contest! Of course, if you subscribe to our Prudent Mama Newsletter you already knew about it – and many of you have already sent in your entries! OMG, they’re GORG. Well, now the rest of you need to get to sewing because someone is going to win this AMAZING pack of 22 Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush Fat Quarters (yes, that’s the ENTIRE COLLECTION) courtesy of Fabricworm!

Here’s how it works: Visit our Fat Quarter Apron Tutorial, read through it, then go ahead and sew one or more of your own. Add fun trim, cute embellishments, and make it super special and unique. Here’s mine:

And see what Jacinda did with it? So cute!

Next, email us a picture of your creation (or creations) to contest@prudentbaby.com and we’ll check them all out and pick a winner. Go ahead and leave a comment here letting us know you did it, too!

The winning apron will be featured on Prudent Baby and win the fabrics
above! And because they loved us enough to subscribe, Prudent Mamas got
an extra week to create their fat quarter aprons before we shared this contest
with y’all. So, if you want to be in the know ahead of time, subscribe to our newsletter here!

Everyone has until midnight November 10th to email us their Fat Quarter Apron images, and regretfully we can only ship this prize to addresses in North America. Now get to sewing!



Leslie Anne

HA! So I receive your newsletter and read about this, but forgot where I read it. I have been searching your site for days looking for the details! I thought I was going crazy an maybe I had dreamed up the whole thing. Glad to know that's not the case. Definitely will be participating.


Holy ravioli Batman, that is one priceless collection of Etruscan snoods! (and by Etruscan snoods, I mean fat quarters) Since I am suppose to have a baby Nov 9th, I doubt I will get this done, BUT that prize is SO tempting. Perhaps nesting instinct will kick-in in the form of an apron making frenzy.


Fun – I have to get my stuff unpacked and then I think I'll take a shot at it!! btw, I subscribed to the newsletter at least 2 times (probably more!) and I still don't get it in my inbox πŸ™

mrs. olson

I'm totally going to enter. When I saw the tutorial for fat quarter aprons I decided to try it and now I've made eleven. I think they will be perfect Christmas gifts for all the lovely ladies in my life.


just the thought of making an apron from a fat quarter bogs my mind, probably lack of morning coffee lol but I'm curious enough to take the challenge lol


I submitted my pic yesterday and forgot to post a comment! I loved this project, I think it will be a fun gift for Christmas presents…and think how many Christmas presents I could make if I won all that fabric!!!


Just sent in my entry, and I agree, not only has this been an inspiration, I would love to see a few other photos or maybe even a Flickr group for these? Love seeing everyone's take on things


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