Felt Black & White Cookies

These are for all my crafty jewish brethren and anyone who appreciates a good black & white.  These cakey cookies remind me of New York and my dad.  After all you gentiles went felt-sugar-cookie mad, I got the idea to make some for Scarlet.

Get the full tutorial for Felt Black & White Cookies after the jump…

Felt Black & White Cookies

1.  Cut half circles of white and black felt and sew the together down the middle:

2.  Cut a circle of cookie-colored felt a little larger then your black & white frosting.  Black and Whites are a sort of cross between cake and cookie so they need to be a little thicker for true jewish-bakery accuracy:

3.  Unfold your “frosting” and pin in to the “cookie” felt right side facing with the edges lining up like so:

4. Sew around the edge, leaving a hole for turning and back stitching at the beginning and end.

5. Turn your cookie inside out and stuff it:

6.  Stitch the hole closed.  Done!

I made a few with bites removed and a couple halves for extra playtime fun.  The ones with bites taken out are scarlet’s favorite.  She even practiced baking them:




oh my goodness… i never leave a trip to ANY good deli without one of these. so freaking cute. i need to make these with elie, my little quarter-jewish bean.


This made my day! Heh, didn't know the black and white cookie was "Jewish", but makes sense to me! My grandmother worked in a bakery in Brooklyn and would bring me and my brother b/w cookies every weekend when she visited us on L.I. Thanks for making this N.Y. Jew living in Texas homesick! I will be making these for my boys.


Making this born-in-Brooklyn Grandma drool over the memories! It's stuff like this that make me long to go back home-nothing tastes like home!


Your cookies made me laugh and cry at the same time. When we were young my dad would take us to the bakery on saturday while my mother worked. I have found cokies decorated in black and white but they do not taste like the ones from home.
Thank You


Awesome job! Thanks for this fantastic tutorial! I’d love for you to link this (and any other felt projects you’d like to share) up at my Felt Food Roundup on OneCreativeMommy.com. I hope to see you there!


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