Firework Fingertips: 4th of July Nail Art Tutorial

Paint the bombs bursting in air on your fingertips with this Independence Day nail art. Pick up your American Apparel Neon Nail Polish Neon Blue with China Glaze Love Marilyn and Ally from Nail in the Coffee will take you through the steps. Stick with the 4th of July theme throughout July by trying Ally’s nautical stripe 4th of July Nail Art tutorial here on Pretty Prudent.

While the nail polish is out, take a peek at Nail in the Coffee for the cutest Bowling Pin Nails and R2D2 Nails. Grab a sponge to try out the Lavender Ombre Gradient nails.

Check out the Firework Fingertips: 4th of July Nail Art Tutorial after the jump…

If the last patriotic tutorial left you yearning for a little more KA-BOOM, try this super-simple glitter gradient nail art. It’s like fireworks on your nails in only 3 steps!

Step 1. Paint your nails blue. I played my blue down, selecting a slate tone reminiscent of the sky at dusk, as glitter itself is already pretty “ta-da” for me. If you’re feeling more glitzy than I, feel free to choose a more eye-catching shade of blue. From bright, to dark, to shimmery – they’ll all look amazing.

2. Working with one finger at a time, take a red glitter polish and apply a line of it across the tip of your nail. I chose one with both red and white glitters to really capture that “firework” sparkle.

3. Wipe off any excess glitter on the bottle’s rim, so that the brush is semi-dry. Using small strokes upward, work the glitter at the tip gently toward the cuticle, stopping about halfway to two-thirds up your nail. As the polish brush is mostly dry, it will create glitter spacing that’s more sparse as it moves up the nail. If you feel like you need more glitter density at the tip, you can go over it again there – it builds up quite easily.

When your hands move, the glitters catch the light, and your fingers are transformed into little explosions of fireworks… okay, not really, but it does look quite lovely… and to me, it felt like my fingers were festive little sparklers!

I hope your nails add a bit more twinkle to an already dazzling holiday night!

Here are the colors I used:

Now go enjoy some BBQ for me, won’t you?

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