Fitzgerald in Lace Dress

Are you by any chance scrambling to get an Easter or spring dress for a little miss? Yup, Easter really is only 4 days away. Don’t fret, because Kelly from Sewing in No Mans Land, is here and has just what you need. The Fitzgerald in Lace Dress has everything you (or at least I) could ever want in a little girl’s dress — puffy sleeves, big red bow and a peter pan collar.

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Keep reading to find out how to make this beautiful Fitzgerald in Lace Dress…

Fitzgerald in Lace Dress

Ohhhh I have been dying to share this tutorial with you. Here, on two of my favorite little models, is the Fitzgerald in Lace dress.

I stayed up many nights thinking about this shoot and this dress. It was one of those dresses that I sewed in my head a few times, thinking of different ways I could make it.

I have wanted to make a lace overlay dress for-ev-er but just haven’t knuckled down and done it. This is almost exactly what I had envisioned in my head.

I wanted something that I could see Zelda Fitzgerald putting on her daughters (if she hadn’t gone a little crazy and actually had them). The girls (who are best friends) were so excited to do a photoshoot together. One mom was a vintage collector. She provided almost all the amazing vintage items you see in the shoot.

And the other momma is a hair dresser and had the girls totally primped out before we headed out to the shoot where it turned out to be just above freezing temps

and would intermitantly be lashing rain on the poor girls. Do you see how wet the slate is? And do you notice the little hot hands bag she is clutching for dear life under the desk?

These girls were super troopers! We are going to head back again when it is warmer so we can get some of the shots we really wanted but thought the girls would turn into popsicles if we left them ha! Ready to go retro with me?

What you will need:

2 yards “main” material (I used a silky satin)
2 yards lace over lay fabric
1/4 a yard fabric for your bow
One 14 inch zipper
2 small lengths of thin elastic
The 2T/3T pattern can now be found for purchase HERE.

Once you have printed out your patterns you will need to tape them together to make complete pattern pages. The letters may not line up exactly, give me just a little wiggle room, I am no machine ha! Once you have the pages taped together cut out your pattern pieces. Now cut out the corresponding fabric pieces. Once you have all your pieces cut out we are going to start with the two main fabric pieces with right sides together:

Now repeat this with your lace overlay but DO NOT sew the shoulder pieces together, yet.

Set these two pieces aside. Now we are going to make our collar pieces. You should have four “main” collar pieces, 2 lace pieces and 2 pieces of interfacing. The key to the collars is making sure you have a right side and a left side. The first time I made this dress I made two left collar pieces. Take one left and one right collar piece. Attach interfacing to the wrong side of each.

Now we are going to make a collar sandwich. Lay your first collar piece (the one with the interfacing) right side up. Lay your piece of lace on top of that also right side up, finally lay your third piece right side down on the very top. Now sew along the arch

Once you have stitched turn the top piece right side out and press. You should now have a nice finished edge and a right side on top and underneath. Repeat with your second collar.

Now we are going to attach these to our Lace overlay layer. Turn your overlay inside out. Pin your two shoulder pieces together with the straight part of your collar pinned in between. Stitch across. Repeat on the other side with the other collar piece.

Now we are going to attach our “main” dress to the lace overlay. With right sides together slide your overlay on top of the “main”. Stitch all the way around the neckline. Flip everything right side out and topstitch around the neckline

Now is when I hemmed the bottom of both layers but you can wait until the end if you like. I also cut a slit down the back through both layers and inserted my zipper. I also made my “bow” for the front. I tok a long strip of fabric folded it right sides together and sewed up the side. I then turned it right side out and ironed it, tucking the ends in and topstitching them closed. But you can do it however you like. Once you are done find the middle of your length of fabric.

Now we will make our sleeves. Lay your main sleeve right side down. Lay your lace right side down on top.

Now sew up the bottom.

(please ignore the change in fabric I thought these pictures would be easier to see)
Flip over your sleeve and grab your length of elastic. Start on one side about an inch from the bottom. Back and forth at the beginning and then continue to sew across stretching the elastic as you go. This will make your sleeve gather up. Once you are done fold the sleeve in half and sew up just the side. Turn the sleeve right side out

Now gather up the top of the sleeve until it is the same circumference as your dress. Attach the sleeve. Voila!! You are done! Pretty simple right?

I LOVE it the sleeves and the bow. I decided to add a snap to the dress and to the bow so Evie actually has interchangeable bows, a red, mustard yellow and really cute floral pattern. The girls loved them as well and had fun modeling them. Even if it was two degrees while they were doing it





These photographs are beyond adorable! And the dress is absolutely perfect! Kelly has such a talent đŸ™‚


I had seen this on her website and was in awe of the absolutely gorgeous pictures taken with these adorable little girls. The picture of the girl in the 4th picture down I even showed to my husband. She is a gorgeous little girl and those eyes ~ wow. She’s totally going to break some hearts some day.
The dress is beautiful as well. Thank you for showing us too.


Ummm…Super adorable! I am making one for my daughter and one for myself. Why not? A Prudent Mama can totally rock this dress!


Help!!!! …. Im confused too. I cant download. These are such cute dresses and your models… stunning!!!


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