Fox is the New Owl…

…or the new bird…or squirrell…or deer… whatever, i love foxes. check out where to get all this foxy mama stuff here: Foxy Lady: Fox is the New Black.




Our dog looks like a little fox (people have actually asked us how we "tamed him" while were are out walking).
I love foxes also–but because they look like our dog!


If you're going to refer to me and my kind as a past trend, please at least spell us correctly: squirrel.

Mrs. Squirrel
on behalf of the entire squirrel population
oh yes, i did that.

Taylor {Sew Much Love}

LOVE it all! I hadn't even thought about foxes but you're right, it's adorable! I especially love The Fantastic Mr. Fox! That was one of my favorite books growing up and I thought the movie was awesome!


I like the fox thing too, but still not as much as the other woodland animals. The pointy nose kinda creeps me out a bit. IDK, maybe I'm the minority đŸ™‚


I ALSO have had a dog that looked alot like a fox. I think foxes are probably a bit smarter than our dog was but he still looked like one. Unfortunately when i think of our old dog it upsets me because the dog was a complete menace. So foxes ( like sniper the fox from dora the explorer) get a frown from me… but those ones in the pictures are super duper cute!!


…And marshmallows are the new cupcakes. Last week alone I saw 3 facebook statuses dedicated to gourmet marshmallows and 2 kids from my stepdaughter's kindergarten class carrying in homemade marshmallows as the teacher raved about an Iron Chef episode where somebody made them. Thanks for the recipe, I feel like I was ahead of the bandwagon for once!

Cute foxes, too!


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