Outdoor Flowers, Drugstore Makeup, and Goofy Smiles: It’s Friday I’m in Love

Cute thing my husband did: He bought me some flowers and put them in a vase outside. I never would have thought to do that, but I love it SO MUCH. And the flowers loved it too, they lived for a week and a half in pure bliss on our patio. So I guess I’m recommending that you put your flowers outside, or maybe I’m just showing off about my husband being awesome, ha.

Random beauty product I want to tell you about: This stuff is like $3 at CVS, so the price is right. It strangely goes on clearish-whitish then somehow magically matches your skin tone, evening out your whole face without looking like you painted it on. It also has SPF 15, but feels light and non-greasy, so it’s ideal for summer afternoons gardening and sweatily chasing after small children. Totes recommend: Almay Smart Shade Anti Aging Makeup.

Pinterest love: Y’all were very much digging this idea for using fabric scraps to make seat cushions. We have a seat cushion tutorial here – quilt away!

Blog upon which we crush: The DIY Adventures. I always love a good DIY site, but this one is also REALLY FUNNY. I like the funny.

Silly internet time-waster that made me giggle: The Public Radio Name Generator. I am addicted to NPR. Now I know that my public radio host name would be Harper Abassi-Smirnoff. Jacinda, yours is Rosario Kurshner-Liu.

Fun interview we did: Elizabeth Street called Prudent Baby “where craft meets class” – why, thank you ever so much.

Thing I acquired that I adore: This amazeballs camera bag from Incase. It holds every single piece of camera equipment I own, including five lenses, two bodies, all my intervalometers and chargers and extra batteries and doo hickeys and what-nots, even my tripod. Oh, oh, oh and even my laptop, too. I use it to store all of my equipment here at home – it’s better than any shelf or drawer because it’s completely padded and transformable to any set-up I desire.

I also dragged it on the airplane to Italy (made this video with my gear) feeling confident my equipment would be safe, and I could fit a bunch of snacks and kindles and trashy magazines in there too. Love. It’s the DSLR pro pack and you can find it at goincase.com.

That’s my I love my new thing! face. Ha.


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Aw guys! I’m totally crushing back – who would not love a place with a “Hot Mess Mommy” section?
Wait, I’m kind of tingly now too. This feels wrong.
Cheryl at theDIYAdventures.com


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