Friday I’m in Love: Harrow, A Hernia, and Halloween

Roy Lichtenstein Richard Harrow Costume

How amazing did the Curtis family look on Halloween? I like Carleton but I LOVE Richard Harrow and I can’t get over Jaime’s Roy Lichtenstein-inspired costume. Not only is it a cool costume but she just looks gorgeous! Love it.

Roy Lichtenstein costume

My little “Queen of Halloween” hammed it up in her costume based on the Prudent Baby Reversible Vest Pattern in Tula Pink NightShade.

Queen of Halloween

And I really don’t know what to say about this little garden gnome except that he delights me every minute of every day. He danced and squealed every time someone opened the door with a bowl of candy, yelling “Teet!” But mostly we were grateful to be safe at home and comfortably enjoying the holiday. To all of our friends on the East Coast affected by Sandy, we hope that life returns to some sense of normalcy soon. You are in our hearts! If you are looking for a way to help those affected by the storm, simply text Red Cross to donate $10 with your phone. You text the word redcross to 90999 then they confirm and you reply YES! So easy. You can also donate right in iTunes. We are thinking of you Mamas!

garden gnome

Over on Instagram, we loved seeing your babies all dressed up. Here is our favorite “out of this world” picture (ugh, ha!)

Want to get in on the fun? Snap a shot of your favorite bookworms and tag it with #ThisWeekOnPrudentBaby and #Storytime. Here are the girls enjoying their new copy of The Very Hungry Zombie: A Parody. So funny for the Eric Carle lover with a dark sense of humor.


Ready to tackle organizing the garage? Or maybe just ready to look at pictures of well organized garages? Get your fix with 25 Totally Clever Garage Organization Tips and Tricks.

And y’all, this is so funny. Jaime awoke in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea so she sent herself an email so as not to forget. The next morning she had two word in the subject line of an otherwise empty email. Albino Animals. So she did what any logical person would do and rounded up amazing photos of albino animals. Albino Animals and Other Things that Come to Me in the Night

albino dolphin

Colleen sent us a link to the beautiful work of Artist Stacey Page who embroiders on vintage found portraits. Such amazing unique artwork! It’s fun to think that someday after we are gone, someone would find a photo and create something beautiful. I guess I better actually print some photos.

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So mamas I have some news! We have decided that we are finished having babies so I’m having my umbilical hernia repaired. No more weird outie which is totally cute when you are pregnant but really, really, not cute now. Down side? A long road with a week or two of recovery and 6 weeks of no lifting. My mama is here to help and Jaime is coming next week so I’m in good hands. I’m guessing there will lots of mindless TV watching and internet surfing. Any recommendations? Pinterest users to follow? What’s your @pinterest? Leave it in the comments so we can follow you.

Did y’all catch Dancing with the Stars this week and see Jaime’s debut as a guest host of the DWTS afterparty show on She was awesome of course!

Dancing with the Stars




When they say, “No lifting,” LISTEN!
My first hernia surgery was in 1984; it was a hiatal hernia.
The next was an umbilical in 1991. They said no lifting. I was, by that time, a single mom with an eight-year-old. I have to schlep my own groceries in the house, etc. Well, it cost me. Ihad nine more hernia surgeries since then–all umbilical and ventral.
My last surgery (luckily) was in 1999. Why? Because I don’t lift ANYTHING EVER! My abdomen looks like a railroad yard!

So, young friend, don’t rush the recovery, let everyone wait on you for a change, and do exactly as they say. You’ll be fine!


I just showed this to my husband in the waiting room as proof that I can’t do anything for the next 6 weeks. So thank you! : )


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