Friday I’m in Love: The Hometown Edition

Gaylord TexanThe Christmas Spirit is contagious with a 5, 3, and nearly 2 year old at home. The more lights, carols, ornaments, and blow-up lawn decorations, the happier they are. We, in turn, are relishing in their glee and searching out all of the holiday activities our community has to offer.  A few weeks ago, through the Family Travel Conference here in Dallas, we had the opportunity to experience the holiday splendor of Grapevine – The Christmas Capital of Texas®, A small city right next door to where I live. Clare and I made hand-blown glass ornaments at Vetro, shopped on their quaint Main Street, had a spectacular sleepover adventure at Great Wolf Lodge, and stared with wide-eyes at the amazing artistry of the ICE show at the Gaylord Texan. Now I’ve been inspired to search out more fun family activities this season.

What holiday fun have you found near your own home? Maybe one of these 52 Holiday Light Delights is a good place to start.

feeding giraffes at Dallas Zoo

During the conference, I also discovered amazing things to do with my children throughout the year, like hand-feeding the giraffes at the Dallas Zoo and taking in a joust at Medieval Times. I even discovered that there is an entire aquarium in the mall near my house!

bubblehead at sealife aquarium

But as all you mamas know, being treated to all that fun and luxury, didn’t compare to some special time with my girl. It even inspired this mushy little video I made during one of the speed video sessions at the conference. Ahh, why can’t they stay little forever?

Speaking of holding on tight to your little babies, let’s have an Instagram contest!

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Ok, I have a confession to make. We miss the comment culture of 2009. We are never sure if y’all are liking the projects and then making them, so it has been awesome, like amazing-awesome to read the comments in the Goodie Bag Giveaway post. It’s just really fun to hear about your favorite posts and it’s inspiring us big-time! So what’s YOUR fav?

Have a nice weekend Mamas and if your are wishing for a Silhouette under the tree, slyly mention to your people that today is the last day of the big Black Friday sale. Seriously, scoop all things Silo before the end of the day Friday!


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Totally agree on the long lost comment culture. Who needs to stop by for more than 2 minutes when everyone can hop along pinterest without ever stopping by a site! boo


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