Friday I’m in Love: With my Dad’s Pad

Vintage Sewing Machine

I’ve just returned home to Texas from a three-week visit to Rhode Island with the kids. We had non-stop fun and I’m excited to share all of the wonderful activities and tips for a perfect New England Summer vacation, but first I want to give you a little unexpected design peek, a glimpse at my dad’s pad! My dad has lived on the second floor of his Victorian home on the south side of Providence for over 35 years. I’ve never given his eclectic brand of decorating much notice but perhaps having been away for three years, or maybe seeing his treasures through my children’s eyes gave me a fresh perspective of his great style, and the beauty of his home. I started snapping some quick pictures around his place and soon found myself filled with creative inspiration.

Vintage Sewing Machine

This is my great-grandmother’s Singer Sewing Machine. Isn’t it gorgeous? My dad doesn’t sew but when it went unclaimed after her death, he brought it home with the plan of someday bringing it back to working condition.

tribal weaving

The walls are filled with beautiful tapestries from his many travels. When he was a college student in Mexico in the 70’s, he collected these amazing garments. None of the guys I knew in college were collecting Guatemalan tunics, I should have looked harder.

tribal weaving

This one is over 70 years old.

tribal weaving tribal weaving

The space that is left on the walls, features some of my own artwork. He is definitely my biggest fan and just being around him makes me want to paint. Here are a few of his favorites.
Jacinda Boneau Iris Watercolor

Jacinda Boneau Gladiola Watercolor Jacinda Boneau Watercolor

The kids wondered around touching hand-carved Balinese sculptures.

Balainise Sculpture

They busted out in a spontaneous drum circle.


They felt the breeze blowing through delicate lace curtains, a luxury we miss here in Texas with mandatory air-conditioning.

Lace curtain

…Curled up on luxurious rugs…

Lace curtain

They marveled at his antique kitchen stove, which I personally have witnessed make over 1,000 Signature Dad Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Quality Gas Stove

They marveled at his enormous bear jaw with it’s removable tooth, and listened intently to his stories of bear encounters in Nova Scotia. Seeing his legendary tales fall on fresh ears made them fun all over again.

bear jaw bone

They caressed his many “Accessories” as Quinn longingly called them.


And hid in the same closet I remember curling up in as a kiddo. Ahh guilty Gordon, what are you up to?

Kids hiding in closet

And for the first time I gazed wistfully at his collection of cast iron skillets. I mean how many skillets do you need to make grilled cheese sandwiches? Surely he caould pass one along.

Terrence Cannon

Thanks Dad for letting us have a glimpse at your home!

Just a few more things now that we are home and back to business! And what a fun business it is. This weekend I am co-hosting a Splendid Tee Party at the new North Park Center Splendid Store with Joslyn Taylor and Anna Caplan. Come by and say hello!


And next week the whole Pretty Prudent crew will be in San Francisco for ALT SF. Will you be there? Let’s have coffee!

xoxo Jacinda



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