Friday I’m in Love… with My Hot Mess Life.


It’s Friday! And I’m off to carpool and such looking like a hot mess but at least I have my favorite mug and bag to help me feel cute. Afterall, I can’t see my own face but my accessories are awesome (thanks family for being awesome gift givers.)


So how was your week? Yes, you are seeing this correctly, Quinn took to her stroller with the pinking sheers. I guess this tutorial is in my future. But really, why are three year olds so rude?

Soon, going to the dentist will be the most relaxing thing you have time for. You will see.A Letter to My Pregnant Child-Less Self, Scary Mommy

A bunch of my girlfriends are going nuts over Breville Juicers. Are you a juicer? What’s your favorite recipe? My parents pushed carrot-celery juice on us a little too hard when we were kids and it scarred me but I think I’m ready to give juicing another chance. No, not the ‘roids, sillies.

Today I learned that my brother and his family are coming to visit next month, at which time I will carry around this guy until my arms fall off. Auntie Jaci is coming for you Hank! That sounded more threatening than intended.


Over on The Facebook I asked you where my man and I should go for a 4-6 day vaca and you had great suggestions. Well it’s looking more like 4. A quicky to Santa Fe? A splurge on Napa? Where would you go? Our last trip to Club Med Sandpiper was perfect. Can you tell I need a getaway?


This week we did a project with The Honest Company and they sent over some samples. These biodegradable, disposable lumberjack diapers are my favorite. Also, how cute are baby butts?

And I sign off with a confession. We had Gordon’s 2nd Birthday Party this weekend. I made a cute banner, my cake plan was a bust, my activity was a flop. I took a few blurry photos. It was not my usual work. You know what though? It was a really fun party and I will always have this candle blowing face by which to remember it and that’s the best of all.


Here’s to a more organized, productive upcoming week but I can’t make any promises!



Am L

Hi. Regarding your vacation, I would pick Sonoma, CA over Napa. The wineries are friendlier, there is a cute downtown, and the coast isn’t too far away. : )

Jen @ Eat. Sleep. MAKE.

Happy Bday Gordon! If it makes you feel any better, I have no desire whatsoever to go all out for my daughter’s 4th birthday this year. I’m thinking pizza, pop, and a cake that is probably from the grocery store. I’m still recovering from Christmas. -Jen


If your considering Santa Fe, I’d go to Taos, NM. Just about two hours away from Santa Fe and just as sweet. I’m from NM and my Uncle and his wife live in Taos. There is a beautiful ski resort there with amazing waterfalls. My uncle’s friend owns The Dragon Café which is amazing. The owners is Julie Roberts go-to caterer when she is in town. (JR lives there!) There is a super fun, relaxed child friendly store called Twirl. Google it. They have a few different outdoor play areas for the kids and a store inside. It’s a beautiful, relaxed small town with a lot to offer. I highly recommend going at least once, and I know once will turn into many more trips. Also, my aunt works at Vapour cosmetics there in town, they also formulate products for Kiss My Face and Say Yes, among others. You should stop there too!


I am laughing because I was at the dentist today and told them it was the most relaxing part of the day. I did not lie! On another note, I have always wanted to go to Charleston. Seems very dreamy. And Savannah and Hilton Head. I secretly wish I were from the south. Maybe it’s not warm enough yet but it seems like a great place to be a tourist. Though not as lounge-y as what you may be in the mood for.


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