Friday I’m in Love

Random blog we are crushing on: Sweet Verbena
This Texas co-ed combines on-trend youthful style with easy-to-understand sewing tutorials.

Project we wish we had posted: Piñata Cookies
Sure they were genius but it was the Gawker mention that pushed our fan-girl envy over the edge.

Funny thing my kid said:
Clare: “You can’t get by without the password”
Quinn: “The password is (voice deepens to a growl)… Get. Out. My. Way. Tister.”

Favorite reader comment: on Jaime’s FB pic from her last night in Jordan*
Amnah said “Never in all of my life would I have thought I’d read the word “mansaf” on prudent baby. Awesome. Or actually, sahtein!!”
I’ve been fascinated by Jaime’s Jordanian adventure and can’t wait for her to share more from her trip.

New fabric on my wish list: This Dear Stella, Maasai Mara, Fair Isle Charcoal from Fabricworm* needs to come home with me and be my lover.

Place I wish we were headed this weekend: Norwegian Cruise Line Canada & New England Cruise*
I’d cruise up the coast from NYC surprising my sister in Newport, grabbing lobster in Bar Harbor and dropping in on my dad in Halifax. In reality you will find me at the Etsy Spring Bash in Dallas.

Cause that caught our attention: Warrior Princess. We have been watching our personal friend, little Meera, battle to recover from surgery to remove a cancerous brain tumor. Learn more about Meera and how you can help here.

This thing that I acquired and utterly adore: The pretty little pink Brother* PE500 Embroidery-Only Machine was just dropped on my doorstep. We have great things planned with this little beauty. Oh yes.

Know a blog we would definitely fall in love with? A project you really want to guest post? A product you simply must tell us about? Send it over to submissions(at)prudentbaby(dot)com

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