Prudent Baby has the wittiest readers. We like to brag about how rad you are to our husbands while they are trying to pay attention to the World Cup or our children. So we thought, why not brag about you TO YOU?! So from here on out, every Friday afternoon we are going to pick a lovely/funny/weird/awesome commenter from the previous week and send her a prize. We’ve been collecting things here and there from some of our favorite people, shops, and sponsors, so we thought we’d share the little riches. Today’s winner is going to get the yard of beautiful peacock ribbon pictured above. I picked it up at CityCraft when I visited Jacinda in Dallas and I think it’s gorg. I think it would make really cute decoration for a purse, maybe a silver one?

So this week y’all were in top form, but my favorite comment came from pieface on the Crochet & Fabric Top post who said:

Yes, crocheter is a word – but you have to really pronounce the “T” so it’s borderline insulting. Makes it more fun to shock the older ladies at the church picnic circuit and such. This top and dress is PERFECT and I can’t WAIT to try it out. Croche”T”ing is the best and so easy and quick, great project – a big thank you from me.

Nothing is more fun than shocking old ladies at picnics. I wonder what will shock me when I am that old lady.

So, If that’s you, use this Contact Form to send us your address and I’ll send your ribbon. Winners have 5 days to contact us with their address before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.

So next week I am giving our favorite commenter a SWEET PRIZE from our lovely sponsor FABRICWORM: An entire HALF YARD of NICEY JANE Oilcloth Picnic Bouquet in Moss.

This is a laminated fabric that is gorgeous and easy to work with. So turn on the charm like you always do ladies, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say this week…

Just to clarify:  you do not enter this giveaway by leaving a comment on this post.  You enter by reading prudent baby all week and leaving funny or interesting comments on any/all of the posts throughout the week.  On Friday we will pick our favorite comment from the entire week.  Good luck!




The fabric is gorgeous and I'm fairly new to this whole sewing thing. What exactly IS oil cloth? I see it in the DIY section and I just think of a really greasy fabric…can you buy it at Jo-Ann's or just online?


it's become sort of a catch all term with fabrics that are treated with a coating to be waterproof. this fabric is actually a laminated fabric. it's not greasy, at all. some "oilcloths" are actually vinyl and those are like the old picnic tablecloths you might be picturing. you can get designer versions like this at fabricworm. i'm not sure if joanne's has any or not…

Taylor {Sew Much Love}

That's a great comment! My husband kept trying to get me to go into Hobby Lobby and ask for "crotch-et-ing" supplies.

We like to mess with people that way. We also ask for tortillas (pronounce it "tort-el-las") and croutons (pronounce it "crew-tins")


That fabric is shiny! I like shiny! Its a strange obsession like my thing for soft hair. I really hope when I have kids that mine won't be as nutty as me.

I thought that comment was really funny though, of course I do not know how to cro… something. I'm just too lazy at the moment to scroll up and see how to spell that. I hope I didn't offend you cro____ers. πŸ™


where oh where are my priorities?

we just moved to our new home yesterday… fridge is empty, i'm surrounded by boxes… i managed to butter some crackers for my daughter for lunch using the wrong end of a spoon… because our knives are no where to be found…

but the internet guy just came and gave me my wireless back. and what do i do? i surf the web and enter this ridiculous contest.

fun idea. you can guarantee that i will enter weekly. happy friday.

Bonnie Michelle

Love the idea! And LOVE that fabric. I've become a little obsessed with easily cleaned and water repellent fabrics since I have a mobile mess-maker now!


Yay!! I can't believe I won! Thanks prudent mama! This has totally made my day.

Back to offending church ladies – I've found that anything mentioning Brazil will probably do the trick. They're just so scandalous down there!
Cheers to a crafty weekend!

Auntie Stina

I just found this blog and I'm looking forward to regularly reading it! Not sure that I'm witty enough to compare to some of these other ladies, though! πŸ™‚


hehe. that was a great comment. I guess now I'm going to have to be funny whenever I comment πŸ™‚ This is such a fun way to do some giveaways!


Oh man oh man oh man. I love Nicey Jane and I would love to play with some laminated fabric. The word laminate always reminds me of the roommate I once had who tended to add random n's to some words (not knowingly or as a joke) — she called her bike helmet her "helment" — and once when she needed something laminated she asked me, "Do you know where I can go to get lamintation done?" It was hard not to giggle, picturing her off to hire some professional mourners.

There would be no lamentation here if I won!


Hey! I have a laminating machine at my school. Could I put fabric through there, to make 'oil cloth' of sorts? I'd love to make little painting smocks for my niece out of laminated vintage fabric. Let me know if you think that'd work.


of course you uys sar his when I've sopped my awesome commenin due o missin he middle hree keys on my compuer. no cool. iches.

mrs. drage

I am crazy about this fabric too! I just made crib bumpers out of it for our little girl due in October! I would love to have the oilcloth, my mind is reeling with ideas!!!


This Nicey Jane laminated fabric would be perfect for the eco-friendly lunch bag project I have on my to-do list!

Adventure of the Hoffman family

Okay so the comment on "what is oilcloth" got me going… I know Jaime has answered it but I would like to elaborate. I have been doing a lot of research about this stuff trying to do my best to find choices for cloth diapers. I want an all in one kind of situation to help with potty training. PUL is defined as polyurethane laminated fabric. Today's oilcloth is a vinyl that is bonded and supported with a woven cotton mesh. Both of which are water proof and water resistant. Meaning able to use for diaper coverings. Now here is where it gets confusing. When you get to food grade plastics things get tricky. It seems conflicting evidence is out there. I myself in a safe rather than sorry mode for most decisions would not use either as reuseable lunch bags. I would go to ripstop fabrics because this is my kids bodies we are talking about! As always you could upcycle an old lunch bag to make certain the decision is safe. I do love oilcloth and plan to try out a diaper cover with it and the PUL. Please do your own research for these projects I make no claims at my knowledge. It just reasons that we stay safe with the food grade stuff for our kids.


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