This week we are giving away these AH-DOR-ABLE ABC paper cups from our friends at Pint Size Social to our favorite commenter. And the winner is…

Danielle who said…
I make a similar recipe every year. By the end of the growing season, we are using it to pickle just about anything left in the garden. It helps that we have an extra fridge.
These pickles also go great in a glass of beer (nothing too dark). It is a tradition from my husband’s home town in the upper peninsula of Michigan that he introduced to all of his friends called “smelting.” Leave the pickle until the end of your drink- if you eat it before you finish it’s “poaching.” Believe it or not, it makes a great beer and an even better pickle!

Danielle, I would totally be guilty of poaching. Maybe you can use these for Smelting!!

So, If that’s you, use this Contact Form to send us your address and your cups will be on their way!  Winners have 5 days to contact us with their address before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.  If that’s NOT you, don’t fret, you can buy a set for only $10 at the Pint Size Social Pop Up Shop!

And hey, look what we have for you next week!

3 – 9″x18″ pieces of wool-blend felt that I picked up from the Stitch Lab booth at Renegade Craft Fair Austin. This will be perfect for your felty Fall projects. Maybe some hair clips or a clock!

So remember to leave a (funny or useful or ego-boosting) comment on any post between now and next Friday and you might win! But remember that we still love it when you just say hi! Happy Weekend, do some “smelting” for me!




I love the blog and enjoy all of your posts! I would love to get my hands on some nice felt like this too!


I just started working with felt. I LOVE wool felt. I made a birthday crown for my daughter who turned four, then had to make one for her little sister of course. I wasn't counting on my 4 year old to tell me, "Mommy, all my friends will be sad if they don't have crowns too!"

So twelve crowns later (for all the friends and cousins) I feel I'm no longer a beginner working with felt!!



I havent made anything with felt yet… I actually just discovered your blog yesterday… and sewing!! I had never sewn anything before but saw the adorable diy baby shoes and just had to try to make them! I just finished them and they turned out pretty decent for my first time… I cant wait for my nephew to visit this week end so i can see if they fit!! Also, I am now on the hunt for a yard sale sewing machine to get started (i did the shoes by hand), and i cant wait to try more projects! Thanks for the inspiration


love the wrap skirt. Please consider showing us how to make one of those elastic band skirt in a soft jersie. Im trying to make my big girl Kindergartener's uniforms myself if possible and she is so picky about how things feel….


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