Hey ladies!  I narrowly escaped a Hodag attack to make it back home in time to catch up on comments and have my mind blown over Jacinda’s nap mat! Today’s winner gets these three 9″x18″ pieces of wool-blend felt that Jacinda picked up from the Stitch Lab booth at Renegade Craft Fair Austin. There were so many hilarious comments on the White Trash BBQ but I choose this one from the Birds, Binoculars, and Trail Mix Game post:

Roxanne said: That’s a hoot! My daughter’s preschool class did something similar last year, though they went whale watching, rather than bird watching. If the kids enjoy this one, follow it up with whales!

Rozanne – my kid loves whales so I’m totally doing that!  Thanks for the great idea and the clever use of “hoot!” So, If that’s you, use this Contact Form to send us your address and your felt will be on its way!  Winners have 5 days to contact us with their address before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.

Ok, so brace yourselves girls. I can’t believe I’m even giving this away. Well, I bought like ten at Quilt Festival purposefully for the point of sharing with you, so it would be wrong to keep them, I guess.

Oh yes, it’s two fat quarters of the Original Far Far Away by Heather Ross, in DOUBLE GAUZE!! The blue features unicorns and is the same fabric that I made the original Pillowcase Dress from, and the other one features sweet frogs. This collection is pretty much impossible to find, but you can get a few pieces of the double gauze (the super sweet snails) and most of the Far Far Away 2 collection at Fabricworm here.
You enter this giveaway by leaving a comment on any post over the next week.  Make ’em funny, helpful, sweet or just plain weird. We’ll pick our favorite next Friday. Good Luck!




what a great giveaway. ive been reading a lot of about heather ross in a lot of blogs lately. she just had some kind of class teaching print sketching. what an swesome creative process. i also love how often you post on your blog. i can always count on you. =) have a great weekend!


the fabrics are so pretty *_* i want to make kitchen accessories with it, will make cooking and cleaning much more enjoyable.


Very cute fabric! I don't want to weird you out but I just looked at your pillowcase dress and your husband is very good looking. congrats!



Sorry, that was my uterus screaming upon seeing that fabric. Maybe my baby would wear a unicorn dress. He's too young to know, and he's VERY pretty.

Karin van D.

Oh, that's gorgeous. What a generous giveaway. I have been looking around here a lot searching for all those beautiful American fabrics, but they are hard to find in this area. And they are so adorable!


Those are beautiful! I have had my eye on the frog print on Fabricworm. I would love to make a quilt for our new foster daughter.


Those fabrics are so cuuuute! I think the frog is my favorite out of the two though. I just found this blog the other day but I already love it! So many neat things are posted.


OK, I love the fabrics, but even more I love, love, love your site. I've made three pillowcase dresses, I'm all set to start the swaddling blanket and I've got my eye on the free-style tunic dress. I just started sewing this year and your site has been an invaluable resource with wonderful ideas and clear and easy to follow instruction–THANK YOU! Please keep the good ideas coming.


after four boys, we are expecting a little girl any day! the sewing projects that i want to complete for this little lady are piling up! would love to use some of that fabric in a dress!


Oh, that is so kind of you to give them away! You have far more willpower than I do! I am making fairy tale quilts for my girls… those FQs would be a perfect addition!


o wow!
how can i even make my comment a favorite?
this fabric is just beautiful! thanks for the giveaway- must be honest!


I've been seeing this fabric all over blogland lately and I would love, love, love to have some. I have one girl and two boys and I think a little fairy tale goodness around here is just what she needs.


one christmas, my grandma gave my brother a bag of microwave popcorn. it was wrapped and everything. is that weird enough?


This is so sweet of you and I'm just drooling over this fabric! I would simply LOVE to make a couple pillows from this fabric for my bedroom! It's so me – I could probably decorate my entire bedroom around this. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pinkie and Family

I have a 3 year old girl and a 3 month old boy. I need the fat quarters! My daughter's favorite movie is Ice Age and she has renamed my son, Manny the Elephant. How odd the 3's are…

The Periwinkle Piggy

My little girl saw that fabric and start excited squealing "Froggie! Froggie! Mommy, I want the Froggie!" And then she saw the unicorn and it started all over again…except she calls it a horsie but points to her forehead to indicate the horn. I feel pillows coming for my little girl's bed.


Today I just bought my first piece of fabric. Not as pretty as the stuff you use, but pretty enough to try and make one of those pillowcase dresses, that you say are so easy.
When I told my mom I wanted to borrow one of her machines because I really want to sew some stuff, she looked at me like "oh great you're going to start a bunch of stuff and never finish them" (I do this alot!) But I made my own baby wipes, some diaper doublers, some bunting for my youngest upcoming birthday, and a play tent for my oldest. So I think I can make a dress. My mom is proud that I have finished not just one project but many. I think we have come to new kind of mother-daughter bond.
Sorry for rambling, but buying that fabric was special to me and your blog is part of my inspiration to start and finish a project. Thanks a bunch


My little granddaughter loves it when I sew for her – what cute outfits I could make with these fabrics.


Something funny? Hmmm. nothing funny but I am giving away a baby quilt on my blog if you are interested. Thanks for the chance to win.


Oh no! Something else I need. When will the pretty things ever stop? I love your site and have made up several of your projects. They are very easy to follow, and my little beneficiary loves them all. Thanks. Written by Lexi, not Greg! Oh well.


Perfect inspiration for a long overdue makeover of my girls' shared room! These sweet prints would be a lovely start to some patchwork curtains I've been dreamin' up.


What nice fabrics! I am going to try out one of your hat patterns soon, this will be my first sewing project. If I succeed then I will be looking forward to try out one of your many other projects.


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