Man, everyone was so helpful and hilarious this week it was really hard to choose a favorite. Maybe we’ll just keep the fabric. No, kidding. Our favorite comment came from Melissa of Honeyscrap on the Fresh Fruit Pie post, who said:

My MIL has a similar recipe that involves an instant jello pack. When I first married my hubby I wanted to impress him (of course by showing him I was a better cook than his mother) and when I made the pie I forgot the jello pack…so it tasted like nothingness.
Recently, I tried the pie again (after taking a four year break) and this time the filling was perfect…except I forgot to prebake the crust…so THIS time it tasted like gooey sadness.
I think I need to try this one to boost my baking ego!….and still prove that I am better than his mother:)

If only. I think we should rename the recipe “Better Then His Mother Pie”… but then the world would run out of strawberries and our servers would crash as every wife from Alaska to Zimbabwe downloaded it.  Our MILs read this site so that’s all we are going to say about that. Use the Contact Form to send us your address and your fabric will be wrapped and shipped right away. Don’t be alarmed if you notice a few dried tears on the envelope, it’s not going to be easy for me to say goodbye. Winners have 5 days to contact us with their address before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! More double gauze that is…go ahead and drool over this “treffle” matryoshka fat quarter from Kokka.

This beauty could be yours, just enter to win this giveaway by leaving a comment on any post over the next week. Say whatever is on your mind, you delight us. We’ll pick our favorite next Friday and mail this luscious fabric off. Good Luck!




um..after an air conditioner going out three times, two lawn mowers breaking, a transmission blown 3 hrs into a 9 hr trip (and a minivan still in georgia – we live in tennessee), a flat tire, stepping on a random fish hook and ending up in the ER, a sick toddler, and a dog with a cone on her head due to ear and skin infections all in the span of about two months – winning some fabric would make it all better…well a lot better…

Melissa Antolovic

Cute fabric,

I can relate to Melissa's comment – I'm always asking hubby if mine is better then what his mum makes. i think MIL must leave out secret ingredients on purpose when she gives me recipes!


I have a slight obsession with the matryoshka dolls. I don't know much of my family heritage, so when I married my husband I decided that through marriage I became a Ukrainian too! So far I have made huge batches of perogies and cabbage rolls from scratch for Ukrainian Christmas, and now the matryoshka dolls. I made a quilt for my baby girl featuring those dolls… this fabric would make a nice complementary something or other!!!


Ohhhh – so cute! I live in New Zealand and we have almost zero access to gorgeous fabric. I have to be content with admiring it from afar via craft blogs.

Adventure of the Hoffman family

I have recently become intrigued about this art form again. I love the folk art feel of them. A few years ago a relative lived in Russia and sent our kids matryoshka dolls of the monsters inc characters and a Collegiate themed one for Christmas. They are so cool and just a neat thing to have around the house. I am thinking of incorporating them into the room design for the baby. Would that not be super cute!


Wow I was just searching for somewhere to tell you that this is my NEW FAVOURITE crafting blog with so much inspiration and fab ideas, and I find that you have little giveaways for actually leaving a comment. You must be a fairy godmother in disguise.

I have a few of your patterns earmarked to make so wish me luck. You do make it look like a piece of cake.



will you believe me if I tell you I am moving to Moscow a week from today?! I've been overseas with my family for 7 1/2 months in Tajikistan (my husband works for a humanitarian aid agency here) and we just received our letters of invitation to move up north!

Also, I heard that matryoshka dolls were originally brought from Japan to Russia and made it big there. I had no idea! I guess I should probably look into more info about that before I spread the rumor…but that's what I heard.

I'd love to use the fabric for something cute in my new apt! You have no idea how exicted I am to move back to civilization. I bet you never thought you had a reader all the way over here!

Rose K

love this fabric! Not sure I'd make anything imediately, I think it needs to commune with thre rest of my collection for a while.


I love fabric…I think I may be borderline addicted, but with a definite twist for good. I mean, I use it to make beautiful things and that is definitely a great thing. I can always use a bit more. πŸ™‚


Lovely! Ever since finding out i'm Russian…and Irish….couldn't tell by the RED HAIR I guess…I've been obsessed with Matryoshka dolls! I love the family feel of the nesting dolls and that they come in many shapes and colors! I can't wait to sew with this beauty! I might just have to throw down a Guinness while I project it…for the Irish in me of course! PLEASE PICK ME!!! xoxo


i would love to say something clever but all that comes to mind after a particularly long bedtime after a particularly challenging day with my 3 year old is 'right left turn around look look all around do the find it'…yo gabba gabba I shake my fist at you! btw, love those matryoshkas!


I love the matryoshka fabric… my husband and I are adopting from Ukraine right now… I might have to make something for our little girl out of that!


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