The winner of the gorgeous Kokka fat quarter from from Fabricworm is…

Jessica, who said…
the first sewing project i ever did was a quilt, and it took, like, forever. so, i had to muster up a lot of energy to attempt a second one, that also took forever. then i found this website and learned that sewing projects can be done in a day, sometimes just an hour!
it’s changed my life. i thought all sewing was like quilting, and quilting is hard and long (that’s what she said… teehehe…)
but not all projects are! yay for you and your ideas that help me be creative!

And now you know that we can’t resist a compliment… or a “That’s what she said” joke.

Jessica, use the contact us form to send us your info. Winners have 5 days to contact us with their address before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.

And now…

I know, you guys are dying over the cuteness right? Me too. Well I’m so excited to tell you that this guy is this week’s FRIDAY{SURPRISE}PRIZE. A few weeks ago Jocelyn from The Nesting Spot emailed to tell me that she had a gift for Vlad. A sock croc! And proceeded to surprise me with little glove creatures for the girls as well! How lucky are we?!? So of course I asked, how about a little something for a Prudent Mama? And then she let me pick the prize! I hope you like him. So, leave us a comment on any post this week. We will pick a winner next Friday and Jocelyn will send him off. Isn’t it nice not to have to make something yourself every once in a while? Support handmade!




OMG. Sooooo cute! My little guy, who will be 7 months on Tuesday, would LOVE to have him. So many tentacles to suck on and play with, how could anyone go wrong? And no dangerous plastic eyes to worry about, its perfect for the wee ones out there.


Absolutely incredible!
While I haven't yet tried my hand at any of your projects, your blog gives me inspiration in my work. When I need to break out of my rut, I come here. This is the hotspot for learning how to look at things in new ways and do things efficiently and elegantly. Isn't that a skill we all need no matter what we do?


That is the cutest! I was thinking about Halloween costumes today and was considering an under the sea theme with my son as an octopus, my husband as a jellyfish, and me as a mermaid.


My 14 month old daughter spotted this beauty on the computer screen and yelled "oco" while pointing! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


He is Adorable! my kids love anything to do with under the sea theme!!! My son wants me to turn his bedroom into an under water adventure!


Oh. My. GOSH! My 13 month old has yet to adopt himself a "lovie" and I would be in heaven if this was what he finally fell in love with. AWESOME!


Oh my….HILARIOUS! I love this creature! My son would too…he has a thing for stuffies and ones with ridiculous limbs. Thanks for a chance to win yet another fabulous prize!!


Ruby's favorite toy for the longest time has been this monkey with ridiculously long arms and legs. She carries him (usually by putting as much of his face in her mouth as possible) and proceeds to run around the house, shaking him ferociously like a dog, and laughing hysterically. I would love to add this creature to her collection, not only because he has twice the limbs to shake, but also, think of the photo opportunities!


You know how you like to makeover tired old themes? Well my son has a cool not-too-nautical room & this socktopus would be killer in there! Thanks for the chance!

The Five McCoys

I love this octopus! My girls would love to play with this adorable creature! I love how the color fades down the tentacles and the bulging eyes are so silly πŸ˜‰


Here was my comment for last weeks,
You must be reading a ton of comments so I thought I would throw in something random, but yet relevant,
What is a seam ripper?
Jacks cousin!
I just watched a pretty good movie called "Time After Time" that had to do with jack the ripper. maybe it is fate that I end up with this to-die-for (ha, ha!) fat quarter?!! well if you have my sense of humor maybe!


May be she will not claim the prize? darn! πŸ™‚
My kiddos would be really happy with a giant octopus friend to play with!


My 10 month old little girl would have a COW over all those legs! He would get nice and wet from her drool…but he wouldn't mind. It would remind him of home πŸ™‚


Love love love! My daughter would love this little guy. I think even my dog would love this guy… I can see the fights now…
Hope I'm the lucky winner!


I want this octopus soooooo bad!!! Not for me, but for my very dear friend and fellow mama who also creates lovely critters. She's an octopus junky and would give him the best home! πŸ™‚

Cole Deelah

Oh my goodness, this eight-o-puss (as my 3 year old calls him) is sooo adorable.

His birthday is on OCTober 6th, and I know he would love to get this OCTopus.

BTW, I was led here by a friend for your recipes and never even went anywhere else on your site. Very cool all that you have to offer! πŸ˜‰


Oh my gosh! My little Gracie Jo has this obsession with "oppopusses" It was one of her first "big" words! She would love this guy FOREVER! and her birthday is on the 29th of this month so it would be oh so perfect!!!


My super sweet gal would go gaga over this amazing friend! Adding extra appeal – daddy's favorite animal is the octopus πŸ™‚


Wow, this octopus is just fabulous. We are making a pirate nursery for our new son and it would be just perfect there!


wow! I just found this blog for the first time and will sure to be a regular visitor! Please enter me for this adorableness! thanks and keep up the fantastic blog!


I am dying over this! DYING! My son would go nuts over this and it would be super perfect for his "work in progress" big boy room now that he's been booted from the nursery by his new baby sister. ;o)


How adorable! The funny thing is that my son (1) will be an octopus for Halloween this year. I'm making the costume from a Martha Stewart tutorial. He also has a crocheted octopus from a friend at playgroup. He is soooo cute!!!!


So cute! I love all those long legs! Our baby boy's due date is in three weeks, and this buddy would look so cute in his nautical nursery. I'll be adding this Etsy shop to my favorites whether or not I win! Thanks!


This octopus is just beyond cute. As children's librarian, I'm going to be doing a preschool storytime about octopus (I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean, etc.) and this would just be perfect for that. Especially if I could find an even bigger whale…


Adorable! And timely: my little daughter, who is turning two at the end of this month just learned to say octopus, and is oddly very interested whenever we see them in books. We're expecting our second baby next month and in one of her frequent reads "Waiting for Baby" the older kid picks out a special gift for the baby-soon-to-come…and it's an octopus. When asked what she wants to get for a special gift for *her* baby brother, she now says: "octopus". Thank you for sharing such a great etsy shop!


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