DRUMROLL PLEASE! And the Octopus made by Jocelyn from The Nesting Spot goes too…

Team Botanical who left this comment on the I Left My Heart In San Francisco post:

“Wait, wait, wait … are we all glossing over the fact that Carleton may or may not have been in Marie Claire? One vote for scanning those puppies in.”

Why is this my favorite comment you wonder? Because it’s the perfect excuse to do THIS:

Yes, that’s Carleton Curtis, and no, that’s not me. Those are from Marie Claire’s March 2000 issue. Woot! Now cross your fingers he doesn’t divorce me for doing that… SOOOOoooo Ms. B, I thank you and my husband probably curses you. Go ahead and use the contact us form to send us your info. Winners have 5 days to contact us with their address before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.

This week we have another delicious fat quarter from our lovely sponsor Fabricworm to give away! This one is a home decor weight cotton-linen blend and it’s so boy-friendly with those little trains. Is that sexist? Scarlet loves trains. So yes, it’s girl-and-boy-friendly…

The way you enter is by leaving a comment on any post this week – any post from this one through next Friday’s Link Love. We will pick one that catches our fancy for whatever random reason and announce the winner next Friday. Woot Woot!




men are crazy. if i'd been in an issue of marie claire – you'd know. i'd mention it every chance i got, and it would be the banner for my blog. he's a hottie for sure, you lucky girl.


Gasp. This has made Prudent Baby worth every last minute of work. Carleton Curtis is sexy. Next up, the twin shots! Don't I vaguely remember a pic of both of them wearing white robes?


My little boy LOVES trains… and planes, and cars, and trucks, construction trucks, motor cycles.. the kid is an encyclopedia of motorized equipment and he's 2.5!


Toot! Toot! All aboard! My little 6 year old Logan loves trains!! He would love this on a pillow case I bet! That way he can ride the train while he sleeps…..


that is your hubby? seriously. are those framed in your house? would that make the kiddos a bit confused? ha! anyway, I'd say you're lucky to have him, but I know really he's lucky to have a prudent mama like you!

Team Botanical

I can't decide what I'm more excited about, that amazing octopus making its way to our home, or the fact that you posted those pictures. Love it! If my husband was in Marie Claire (or any magazine, except maybe US Weekly) at any time, for anything, trust me, you would know it!

So excited. Thank you!


No it's not sexist – DD LOVES trains too, and regularly chuffs her way around!! You should check out episodes of "Chuggington" on the BBC IPlayer – they have a girl train, and a proper one, not like the subserviant ones on Thomas the Tank Engine !!! Margaret C


LOVE the fabric – artistic, child-like, and not too boyish!
I'm pregnant with my first baby, a boy, and I just spent the afternoon choosing fabrics on Fabricworm! AH! I can't wait to make him blankets and burp cloths and bags (oh my!).


aw, i love this train fabric. my little girl will love it too!

have a beautiful sunday ladies

teenie xo
{esty shop}


can i tell you that i vaguely remember that fashion spread from marie claire? i was a senior in high school, and for whatever bizarre reason my mother wouldn't let me buy magazines {strange, yes.} and marie claire was my.favorite.ever. i would sneak them and hide them in my closet and pour over each and every word and picture and dream of being a glamorous girl in a big city one day. i so badly wanted that trench coat!


I would love to make a pillow, maybe a bag for his trains. for a friends son who LOVES Thomas and the whole train thing. He's autistic and knows what he is talking about..


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