Oh, it’s just so lovely I wanted to pick my own comment so JC would have to send it to me, but alas, that would be wrong. So the Alexander Henry fat quarter pictured above (which you might recognize from the PJ Pants) goes to Felicia from 3 Little Birds Stitch Co. because she laughed at my joke on the Recycled Ruffle Sleeve Bubble T post when she said: “This is so cute! I actually LOLed at the ‘You’re also weird.'” What can I say, I crave validation, ha!

Remember what Jacinda said…it goes perfectly in her green living room. The winner could make her a pillow. No pressure. A pillow with dark brown pom-pom trim. HA. No seriously though, send us a picture of whatever you make, and use the contact form to the left to send us your address. Winners hve five days to contact us before their prize goes to another lucky reader.

On to this week. Our favorite (and most gorg) commenter of the week will receive this awesome Aleene’s Fabric Tacky Pack of delicious glues, including No Sew Fabric Glue, Jewel It, and OK To Wash It. Perfect for making Rolled Fabric Flowers!

You know what to do.



Tegan Aubrie | Twelve13

Um… is use of the word "gorg" a big joke this week? Is it a game between the two of you? Like, who can use it the most? Or most creative use of it in a sentence? Just wondering! πŸ™‚


Ha! Tegan, my husband sends me typos he finds on Prudent Baby as his cute way of showing me that he reads it. Plus (as a nerdy engineer type) he can't stand typos. I actually like it because it saves us from looking like idiots. So he sent an email (as a joke) last week telling me that we kept misspelling "Gorgeous" as "GORG." And, well, we both thought that was HILAR!

Cole and Mindy Smith

Oh Buddy….I am just about to make some of the Rolled Fabric flowers, because they are SO freakin cute!, and the glue would be SO awesome! I love new things…bring it on!

Marcia W.

There are SO many GORG and HILAR things that I could make that are SO AWESOME and …like … cool… and stuff …WHATEVER!
Seriously, I have a project sitting on the table where need some TACKY glue to position the pieces. Thanks.


Nice…love the fact that they're "try me" size! I can continue to work on the projects When I travel. Or, simply use them when "emergency" happens. πŸ˜€


oooooh This glue pack would help me STICK to my new addiction of making fabric flowers! I know this comment might be TACKY but it'd be SEW great to win! πŸ™‚


I love to make picture frames and the glue is a necessity in them. I'll have to try the flowers it looks so easy. I have 1 grand son but a bunch of nieces..


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