Sooo this week’s winner gets a bit of fantastic mystery trim from Jacinda’s stash. There were so many hilarious comments from people desperate to win a Bias Tape Maker (girl, i get it) but you’ll just have to subscribe to our newsletter for that. So I picked this week’s winner because it was the fastest turnaround on doing one of our projects ever… I mean, before I had even turned on my computer she had already read the tute and baked the Butternut Squash Muffins! Jen from Queen of Schemes said:

Ah! I can’t tell you how timely this is! I have a fridge full of roasted squash (abundant CSA boxes lately) and after improvising a squash lasagna, I knew it was time to move on to baked goods.
and less then two hours later she said:
….And they came out great! 5 stars! I ended up making 10 slightly larger muffins, and baking them for FOREVER (my oven is, shall we say, tempermental?). Totally delicious. I sense a lot of people getting surprise visits from the Muffin Fairy this weekend. I still have 5 cups of squash puree and 4 more squash sitting in my kitchen.

I’m so glad you enjoyed them Jen! Use the contact form to send us your address and Jacinda will send off your trim. Winners have five days to contact us before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader. So, for next week, I’ve got a fun decoupage DIY that I made using this awesome Alexander Henry fabric, so I thought I’d give our favorite commenter a trial size mod podge, foam brush, and 1/4 yard of Alexander Henry Birdsong fabric to give it a shot themselves. Isn’t it pretty? It’s leftover from my Duvet Cover Tute.

Do you want to win it? Just leave comments on our posts this week. Be clever, cute, creative, funny, mean (but not too mean), fast, silly, weird, or just be. We’ll pick a favorite next Friday and send off your decoupage kit! Now go enjoy your Halloween!



Steph at

Oh how perfect, a pint sized project for my pint sized amount of free time! I've loved that birdsong fabric for a while but haven't picked any up yet…probably because I'm pretty busy with a 24 mo. old and a 3 mo. old…plus, I don't really sew 🙂 But Mod Podge I can do!

Mini MNM's

How cute! I have always wanted to slather some Modge podge on birds! At least this time the feathers won't get stuck in my brush!! That was the hardest thing to get off the brush when it was stuck with a hole jar of Modge podge!


How fun! I just finished 2 jedi costumes and 2 trick or treating bags and I've got 4 baby quilts to sew… I think I'm burned out on sewing and would love another project! How fun 🙂


Really pretty fabric! I know what u mean, I have the same problems with pears! I have pear trees, friends & family give me pears! We have pear pie, pear jam, pear cheese cake-frozen pears are mushy & mushy pears do not make a pretty pie & pear jam is not a favorite in anyone's book! In the country, left-over & rotten pears are thrown into the woods – which produce – more pear trees!!!

Ummu Noora

oooh i was just drooling over some mod podge at some online stores..i kept the plaid shop tab open with too many mod podge bottles on it and drooled on my keyboard for a few days before i finally closed it tonight and told myself that oneday i too shall own soma this great stuff n them i'll conquer the world yes i will.:-)
(no one sells it here where i live and buying it online is out of question too because of the price of dollar converted to the currency in my country is crazy..i would feel too guilty to get it..)
ahhh but a girl can one is stopping me from doing that.:-)
i would so be over the moon if i could win it..

ok.enough begging already.i love this site.


That fabric is so perfect!! I've been too intimidated by the decoupage projects on here to try it yet, but this might just push me over the edge. I love the colors and they would match a great piece of orange themed art in our living room.


Really pretty fabric!
I'd love to win this amazing piece of fabric. So I can sew my favorite projects. Maude Podgi is also my favorite i Love to win such a cute kit.

Homemade Addictions

Where oh where do you find such stinking cute fabric. My favorite would still be the owls on the pillows dress. But they are all great. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next week!


I read about this stuff and I want to use it to decorate clothespins to hang my kids artwork…I have four kids under 5 and in all my spare time I like to decoupage freakin clothespins!!! Great it


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