Hope you all had lovely Thanksgiving feasts!  I know I did.  So full.  Can barely type. So this week’s winner of Jacinda’s glittery glitter assortment of glitterosity including a vial each of Cranberry, Lime Green, Christmas Pink, Aqua, Silver and Turquoise for a total 18 grams is Catherine from 100 Projects in 2010, responding to my wondering if the Key Fob would make a decent man-gift, or maybe it’s her husband, because he made me snort coffee out of my nose with this story:

I just picked up some of this hardware, so awesome timing on your tutorial! Yay!
And as for if a guy would use one, my husband groans every time I hand him the keys on the fob. I mentioned I was making some for Christmas and asked if he wanted me to do a plain navy one for him. His reply? “Yeah, if you think I’ll wake up as a chick on Christmas morning.”

HA! If that’s you, go ahead and use the Prudent Baby Contact Form to send us your address. Winners have five days to contact us before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader. So speaking of the Wristlet Key Fob Tutorial, this week I thought I’d give away a set of key fob hardware with a length of webbing and ribbon so the winner can make their own.

So just leave your interesting comments on any and all posts this week, and we’ll pick a winner next Friday, announce it here, and send off their key fob set.

Now back to your regularly scheduled shopping. XO




LOVE this ribbon and LOVE your key fob tutorial. Winning would save me the trouble of searching the local (crummy) stores for the hardware and ribbon worthy on the fob!


My 4 year old son saw some of these at a homemaker's bazaar and loved them. We ordered him one with green and turquoise polka dots on cream colored ribbon with a turquoise backing. The lady making it said she could embroider his name on it. So, boys can love key fobs, too! (even when they don't have any keys!) πŸ™‚


My sister is always loosing her keys. The other day it was in Target. I am giving her several of these, as somewhat of gag but also serious present because she needs help. Thanks for the great tutorial!
jen_nauman at hotmail dot com


Love the ribbon of the key fob tape and your idea of showing a round up of Prudent Baby projects. It is wonderful to see that you became so popular in the sewing world!

Thanks for this giveway!

Patrick, Ashley, and Audrey

I SOOOO want to make a shnazy key fob! I looked at all the webbing and some beautiful trim at the fabric store this weekend, but decided to wait….since I already had 7 bolts of fabric in my cart, and a one year old pulling all the trim off the shelves. You really can't shop with a toddler, huh!?…..:)


I was trying to decide upon a nice homemade gift for my awesome coworkers when I stumbled upon your awesome tutorial! These are just the ticket: beautiful, functional, and CHEAP. Thanks!!


I LOVE THIS FOB. THEY R SO CUTE. I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DO THEM! HELP! i go to chemo treatment and i carry my keys around (to my locker) of my clothes/ this would be so classy n upbeat! show me how!


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