Let’s do this so I can get this pretty little package off before “the big man” slides down the chimney. And no, I’m not talking about childbirth. HA! Sorry, gross.

This weeks winner is…
Rallitodeluna who said on our Crayon Roll DIY
Brilliant! I was thinking through the mechanics of this the other day, but for a toy car roll up “garage” of sorts (for my little girl nonetheless! Girls drive cars too!)… I’m gonna use your instructions, less thinking for me! Yay more brain cells for the little one on the way!

Love that your girl loves cars. I’m inspired to give my girlies some matchbox fun now! They do love Legos! Let us know if you make that car-roll! It sounds awesome.

Send us your email address using the contact us form and we will get the ball rolling. You have 5 days to contact us before your prize is passed on to a new lucky winner.

For this week, we have 5 silver vinyl snowflakes that I made on my Silhouette Digital Cutting Machine. (which I love so, thank you Silhouette!) I put mine on the windows for a little White Christmas in Texas but you can use them as a stencil for glass etching or whatever you wish! And FYI, if you are lucky enough to have a Silhouette, all vinyl is currently 10% off at checkout with the code “prudent.”

And all you have to do is leave the best comment of the week. Go for it! Is a Silhouette on your Christmas list? or… How’s the weather? Might you have a White Christmas where you live? We did last year but I hear it was a once in a lifetime thing.




Meadowlark! That makes me sad. I was having a few problems but resolved them by actually reading the instructions rather than just winging it like I usually do. What's the problem? Can I help?


Let me begin by saying that I'm Jewish. Our holiday is looooong over. I haven't been entering any give aways that are Christmas-themed because I wanted all you girls who are waiting for Santa to have a better chance to win.

But, these snowflakes are perfect for everyone, Jewish girls included! And, I don't have a Silhouette and didn't get one for Hanukkah…….


I want snow, LOTS of snow! Everyone around us is getting snow and we just get a dusting here and a dusting there. We have no where to go for a week and we're supposed to get 1-2 inches over the weekend…bah humbug!!! I WANT SNOW!!!!


I live in the Florida panhandle so your snowflakes may be the only ones I will be seeing. They are beautiful! Merry Christmas!

lag110 at mchsi dot com

I'm the Mami

Let me just say, seeing my username appear on Prudent Baby makes me feel a bit like a celebrity…. I'm so excited for that beautiful fat quarter!


I saw your snowflakes and thought they would be PERFECT for my sweet baby girl's first birthday party. We are planning the theme of a "Winter 'One'derland" and I've been searching for all things wintery- like snowflakes! I would LOVE to have them as a keepsake for a baby girl's FIRST birthday celebration.


I checked my Amazon Wish List and I'm pretty sure my honey ordered it…I don't wanna snoop, but we did get a big amazon box Friday!

We had Snow and Ice last week and flurries this morning, but it's all melted…hopefully it will snow on Christmas that's the best!


I am in Texas too. We've already had our blizzard (followed by 75° sunshine). I'd much rather have large, gorgeous snowflakes on my window than cold, crunchy snow on my lawn.


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