For this week’s Friday Surprise Prize, Jacinda gets a baby! Oh, but for this Surprise Prize the winner receives a yard from her beautiful stash of pom-pom trim, any color she likes… LUCKY! And the winner is…me! I pick yellow. I kid, I kid. The winner is…

Kaci from Army Wife on the Prarie who commented on our Toy Sewing Machines? post: bah! I’m pretty sure I was bidding against your mom! hahaha – I was just going to put it on a shelf in my sewing room so I’m glad that Scarlet got it! If you ever want to sell it – email me! lol

Kaci- so that was you! She was so worried she’d lose. I feel I owe you something, how about some pom pom trim?! Send us your address and color preference using the contact form and we will send you your prize. Winners have 5 days to contact us before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.

Now back to business. For the next 7 days we will be reading your comments with our usual glee and anticipation (or I will, hopefully Jacinda will be sleeping) and our favorite will walk away with this gorg Kokka fat quarter from my collection of Fabricworm treats!

I’ve been hoarding it for so long looking for the perfect project that it is starting to stress me out, so I’m giving it away so one of you can stress about it, hee-hee. So go ahead and leave your usual awesome comments and we will let you know who the winner is next Friday. XOXO




Ooooh, that fabric is super cute!! I'm actually looking for some fabric to make a cute little bag with… πŸ˜‰


WAAAAH! I really really really wanted some of the turquoise trim πŸ™

Guess I should comment more than once a week.


LOL! I totally stress out about fabric too! I see such pretty prints and shudder at the thought of running a scissor through it.
Maybe that's why there are so many of us fabric stashers out there.
Did I just admit that out loud?


Fellow fabric hoarder here…except I've made myself give up buying fabric for awhile…repurposing stuff instead…but HEY this fabric would be fair game to use! I love it.

Krista Vossler

Oooo! This is amazing! I have been looking at fat quarters since before Christmas but haven't been able to decide on any. That said, I love this fabric! I'm thinking pillows for my baby girl's room or maybe a fat quarter apron for a friend. I'm a new mama and semi-new to sewing (took home ec in 8th grade–got halfway through a hideous flowered sundress and quit when the class ended), but when Lucy sleeps I've been sewing simple projects on my machine.


that is the cutest fabric!. Hope I win! I have recently just taken up sewing with my new Christmas present sewing machine and I love it!


You have totally inspired me with one of my New Year's resolutions this year. I call it the Thrifty 50 Challenge. I'm going to make 50 sewing projects with as much of my fabric stash as possible and give the finished projects away to those I love, and to those I haven't met but who deserve something warm or fun in their lives! Thanks for your awesome posts and ideas!!


Congratulations Kaci,
I hope the consolation prize is a happy color. Hoarding fabric? Who does that? (Says the woman who has a steamer trunk full of vintage farbrics from her grandmother who bought fabric at JCPenney Bwahahahahaha). What a wonderful admission. It gives us all hope.


This is it! This is the fabric that will finally make me better! After Christmas stress, a sinus infection, conjunctivitis, and a broken fridge (I've made 3 dozen muffins, and 2 cakes this morning to use up eggs/milk/butter)…THIS is the prize that will send me back up into the blue skies of happiness. πŸ™‚


haha I thought I was the only one who kept fabric around because I could DECIDE on how to use it! I've been finding it's best if I buy fabric only with a certain project in mind! πŸ˜‰ I've only started sewing again in August and am already taking over all the empty spaces in the house to stash my stash! πŸ˜‰


Hey, new google reader follower!
Okay, don't laugh but I see a stethoscope cover in the making! I am a nurse at a neuro clinic and my sweet lil elderly patients love my steths that change with the seasons. This fab would be too cute for V-day with some red trim! Ahhhh!! Adorable!


I would LOVE to stress about which project to use this for! Who doesn't love more project material? Yeah! schofieldfamily at gmail dot com


Oh that is fabulous fabric! As a child of the 70s I think I am just innately drawn to that kind of flower motif like a moth to a bright light. I. Just. Can't. Help. It!!


That is the perfect color for Valentine's day. I'm considering making some a curtain for my kitchen, but this would be cute as an accent, maybe along the edge. Or it might make a cute little roof for a little cloth house I want to make for my friend's daughter.

Carrie C.

that fabric is great.i think I have more scraps of fabric then I know what to do with, and then just when I am about to get rid of it, bamm I use it. Ha!

Jamie Huckaby

Ohhh pretty, I would make something cute for the play room. Fabric hoarding was something that I resolved this year not to do. I am going to actually cut and make things out of all my pretty fabric!


Cute fabric! It would make some nice potholders… Now where would I find a potholder tutorial???
And congrats to Jacinda and family! Gotta love those big babies. Maybe Gordon's destined for my daughter… She was 10 lbs 3 oz, 23 in when she was born last March!


I would make a little pillowcase dress for my baby but my little one is a boy! And to see the look on my husband's face when he sees it – ha! I just love all the tutorials for girls and now I can't wait to see all the future tutorials for boys. Congrats Jacinda!

margie c

Those pom poms are really cute! Congrats to the winner!
I adore this flower print! I'm a newbie at sewing, so I would probably make a tote bag and/or nook cover with it πŸ™‚
Happy Monday!
hugs, margie


I plan on using more of the stash this year too! no more hoarding!!
This fabric would be so cute to make a doll quilt with to hang in my sewing space.. or for some little girl burp cloths… If i win I promise to use it! πŸ™‚


Love that fabric. I am addicted to the idea of making skirts for my neice, friend and daughter right now. However I fail in actual execution (I am out of white thread right now though). So that print totally says "Make me into a cute little skirt!"

P.S. I'm a huge fabric addict. I think they need fa- fabric anonymous but I can't stop buying it. I would just go and swap fabric or something.

Heidi K.

I also have been known to stress about making the "perfect" object with a particular fabric or yarn, but I promise that this one would get used and loved =).


the fat quarters are great. I'm gonna make a purse out of mine. I would love to win the machine as mine is 20 years old and it has lots of use. would love to be able to stitch names on things.

Karen K

Me, me, pick me!!! Love it and I'd make a purse as well…. for my niece …. she's got three babies she needs a little color and fun in her life!


ooo fabric my vice, that is the perfect fabric for a friend i have sarah, i have been looking high and low for something that compliments her. She is still waiting on her christmas gift.. since i can't seen to find the right black and white stripe width fabric to make her a circus style purse. That is the one thing thats the hardest i have found, matching the fabric personality to the person you make a gift for!


I would be happy just to have that cute little piece of fabric stacked on all my other cute fabrics that I am saving for Lord knows what. I know inspiration is headed my way!


That will make great pillows to accompany the Hello Kitty quilt I just finished for Dori's bedroom. We just finished making some great string covered ballons and will be hanging with twinkling xmas lights, now I need a nice large pillow for her to relax on, need some great flowered fabric just like you are giving away!


Hi! I'm still learning to sew! Any recommendations on which sewing machine would be best for a beginner? Thank you much! And good luck to all! ( ^^)/(^^ )


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