Whew, what a week… babies, birthdays, could it get any better? Oh, some free fabric could make it better? Well then, let’s find out who wins. This week’s favorite comment came from ETWsmom on the Best. Contest. Yet. post. It just made us chuckle, why did this joke never occur to use before:

A brother!!! As an only child I’ve always wanted one and now my dreams could be fufilled….and think of all the wonderful things we could do together. Although, he might mess up my room. I don’t think we will fight too much with all of his wonderful functions like a walking foot and automated button holer.

Hee hee hee, if only all brothers came with automatic button holers. If that’s you, go ahead and send us your address using the contact form and we will send you your fat quarter. Winners have 5 days to contact us before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.

Find out the next Friday Surprise Prize after the jump…

So our next Friday Surprise Prize is… our last Friday Surprise Prize. Huh? Yes. We have a non-claimed prize (this happens!) so we’re giving y’all another go at winning a yard of Jacinda’s pom pom trim – in any color you like! Check ’em all out:

Isn’t is awesome? Go ahead and leave your usual awesome comments on any and all posts this week, and we will let you know who the winner is next Friday. Happy commenting!




I'm not sure I entered the first time you gave away the pom-poms because I couldn't think of anything cool enough to do with them, but ever since, I keep visualizing them on my projects. I think I need them for spontanious creativization.


After almost 4 years with just a son and a husband, I was blessed with a daughter. Please pick me for pompoms so we can show them who really rules the house.


oh man! I have the perfect thing for these pom poms! My daughters current fixation is anything fluff and in ball form! I want to make her a blanket with pom poms as the trim!


When I see such things like this tiny pom-poms, I even regret that at us in a family only boys, aren't necessary to them small lovely cutie dresses! But one week ago I had a hope – the sister of my husband has given birth to a daughter! She is my light in the end of the tunnel:)


GIVE ME A P! GIVE ME AN O! GIVE ME AN M! What's that spell? Mine! Err….pom anyway! Have a three year old who would love anything made with this spiffy trim (she truly appreciates my awesome cheer ability as well).


Okay, so I'm trying to make some place mats for my sweet girl and I to have tea parties on. This trim would really add some spunk to these place mats. I'd love to have some to make our tea parties even more special. πŸ™‚

Alison F.

In a house full of boys I need some Pom Poms to adorn something and make me feel girly in all this dirt, rough housing, truck and testosterone filled enviroment!!


I just went on a pom pom bunting binge and am feaning to make a pom pom pillow for my little girl's room. Moving out of mommy's bed to her own!


I have always wondered what these were called. You can imagine the look on the dear little ladies faces at a fabric store when I asked for the cute little pink hangy-ball things and did dangly fingers for effect! πŸ˜‰


I would like any of those colors b/c I'm working on the babies 1st birthday party and those colors would work perfectly!!!!


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